Using Email CSV Import

This feature provides businesses with a faster method for uploading customer data and scheduling review requests through their AddMe Reviews profile. By using this feature you can quickly and easily upload your historical customer data and schedule review campaigns. Once you have the initial setup done you can email a CSV file and schedule a review campaign without even logging into your profile.

This update builds upon the functionality provided by two different features – Bulk CSV Upload and BCC Requests. Email CSV Import makes use of the same file/fields format that the Bulk CSV Upload uses, as well as using the same automation setting set out in BCC Requests.

1. If your business only has 1 location on AddMe, go to step 3. If your business has multiple locations, start from step 2

2. In the left-hand navigation menu click ‘Locations‘ and then click ‘Manage Location‘ for the selected location

Manage Locations Tab

3. In the left-hand navigation menu click ‘Settings‘ and then the sub-menu ‘Automations

Automation Menu Settings

4. Change the preferences to suit how you want to import customer data and (optionally) send out review requests:

  • CSV Import Upload Preference will allow you to choose between just uploading your customer’s data onto your profile to use later (Import only) or upload your customer data and immediately schedule review requests (Import and schedule requests).
  • CSV Import Request Type provides options to send out requests via just email, just SMS, or both at the same time.
  • The third option will display if you select email or sms as the Request Type, and will ensure that all successfully uploaded customers will have a review request created even if they can’t be sent a request in the preferred option selected.
  • Automated request delay is the number of days between your request being received on your AddMe Reviews profile and the review request being sent to your customer.
  • Limit repeated requests will prevent customers from being sent requests to review for the specified number of months if you upload their details again during that time.
CSV Import Settings

5. Optionally, you can enter an email address to the Email Allowlist which will restrict who can send a CSV file to your account for added security

Email Allowlist Settings

6. Copy your ‘Unique Automation Email‘ from the top of the Automation page and ‘Location API Key‘ (if needed)

CSV Automation Code

7. Send your first CSV file to that unique address with your customer’s data