Making Sense Of NPS Stats

NPS is a customer satisfaction and loyalty score that is scaled from 0-10 on how likely a customer would recommend your business. The different classification tiers each have clear factors about how customers perceive your business. AddMe Reviews gives you the ability to set the ranges for each band to accurately measure your customer loyalty score. The formula used to calculate the overall satisfaction score is NPS = Advocates% – Detractors%.

1. If your business only has 1 location on AddMe, go to step 3. If your business has multiple locations, start from step 2

2. In the left-hand navigation menu click ‘Locations’ and then click ‘Manage Location’ for the selected location

Manage Locations Tab

3. In the left-hand navigation menu click ‘NPS‘ and then the sub-menu ‘NPS Settings

NPS Settings Menu

4. In the NPS Settings you can change the default 1-10 scores associated with the 3 NPS categories

  • Advocates – loyal customers who will fuel growth
  • Passive – satisfied but are vulnerable to competitors
  • Detractor – unhappy customers who damage word of mouth
NPS Settings Filtering

5. In the left-hand navigation menu click on ‘NPS Stats‘ to see the progress of your campaign. Here you can see the percentage of happy customers and how many customers fall into each category

NPS Stats
NPS Activity

6. In the left-hand navigation menu click either ‘Advocates‘, ‘Passives‘, or ‘Detractors‘ to view the customers that have left each rating

NPS Promoter

7. Click on any of the customers to see their individual request statistics

NPS Customer Details