Changing Your Business Details

Some of your business details are maintained within the AddMe Reviews platform. It’s possible for you to adjust some of these details yourself, although there are some restrictions.

1. In the left-hand navigation menu click ‘Settings‘ and then the sub-menu ‘Profiles

Profiles Settings Menu

2. Make changes to your default company or to any of your individual store locations

Edit details of your profile locations

3. Enter any details you wish to change in any of the respective fields:

  • Name (your business name will appear on your Reviews Landing Page)
  • Address
  • Website
  • Phone

4. Updating your company logo can be done by clicking ‘Choose file‘ under the label ‘Your company logo

  • The logo will appear on your Reviews Landing Page
  • While we don’t have a required resolution or aspect ratio, square logos of high resolution is recommended – especially if making use of the AddMe Reviews mobile app

5. Click ‘Update Profile‘ to save any changes