Adding Additional Review Sites

AddMe Reviews is capable of capturing reviews on a range of additional review sites other than Google and Facebook including: True Local, Yellow Pages, Product Review, Trip Advisor, and Trustpilot.

AddMe Review Platform Integration Sites

1. In the left-hand navigation menu click ‘Settings‘ and then click ‘Review Platforms

Settings - Review Platforms

2. Profiles can be added for the company and also for different locations. In the left-hand navigation menu click ‘Locations‘ and then click ‘Manage Location‘ for the selected location. Click on ‘Settings‘ and ‘Review Platforms‘ to find this menu for the selected location

Review Platforms

3. In a separate browser tab navigate to your existing profile on one of the third party review sites listed above and copy the full URL of your profile

4. Go back to AddMe Reviews and paste the URL into the designated textbox for that review site

True Local URL Example

5. Optionally, you may disable this review site from appearing as an option to your customers when they reach your Reviews Landing Page (disabling this review site will remove it as an option for your customers to review you, but we’ll still monitor this site just in case you do still capture any new reviews there)

6. Click ‘Update‘ to save any changes

Update Button