Boost Your Instagram Profile With These Tips For 2018

Are you looking for new strategies to improve your business profile on Instagram? Despite being a new bird in the social media arena, Instagram users hit its highest 700 million users by the end of 2017. Behind this growth in … Continue reading


Facebook Advertising Tips – Tips For The Next Facebook Ad

Tips To Optimize Your Next Facebook Campaign Using Facebook to promote your company and brand is a way to maximize your reach when you have a specific target demographic in mind. Knowing how to properly optimize your next Facebook campaign … Continue reading

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Your Webpage Is Not Secure?

Did you know that approximately 70% of SMEs and over 80% of large organizations have been breached? It’s been common for some people to click on phishing email links without thinking about its rattle but that is about to change. If your webpage … Continue reading

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How to Use Google Lighthouse as an SEO Tool

Google Lighthouse is the latest Free SEO tool the search engine offers to SEO marketers. It joins the list of SEO tools such as Google Analytics, Search Console, Keyword Planner, Google Trends, Consumer Surveys, and PageSpeed Insights. What is Google … Continue reading

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Awesome Google Adwords Tips For Small Business

Google Adwords, in essence, is like a mini online ad campaign in your pocket for local businesses – it’s effective, simple to use, and it won’t break your bank (if managed correctly). This digital marketing powerhouse is essential to advertising strategies for … Continue reading

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Your Google Business Listing And How To Set It Up Today

Creating a Google business listing is a quick way to increase your chances of being found in a Google search. It’s a great way to craft a web searcher’s first introduction to your company. There are several benefits to having … Continue reading


AddMe Partners with Montreal based SEO Agency – Lets Get Optimized

Melbourne, Australia’s Launches Review Management Software Platform for Small & Medium Businesses in Canada Montreal based SEO Agency for SMB’s, partners with Australian Software Company to promote an easy to use platform for monitoring and collecting customer reviews Melbourne, … Continue reading


Facebook For Business – 6 Tips

Facebook has grown to become one of the most competitive social media networks in digital marketing. The platform has at least 1.6 billion users with over 50 million businesses competing to have a share of this market segment. However, achieving … Continue reading


5 Ways to Use YouTube in Your Small Business Marketing

YouTube is more than just cat videos; it’s a great way to market your small business. In fact, marketers worldwide report video as the content source yielding the best ROI. Though it may seem overwhelming, YouTube marketing doesn’t have to be that scary … Continue reading

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How Does The Facebook Update Impact My Business?

Some publishers say that organic ads on Facebook are dead. Others are quite anxious about the huge News Feed algorithm changes that Facebook is rolling out rather quickly. A few businesses are taking their ball and going home right now. … Continue reading

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