Why Reviews & Reputation Management Matter

Reviews and Reputation Matter

Negative reviews can be harmful, so managing online reviews and your business’ reputation is vital. Potential customers rely heavily on online reviews, with 91% of all customers reading them at some stage before making a purchasing decision. Ratings can influence purchasing decisions. A 0.1 star increase in rating can boost your conversion rate by 25%, and a good rating leads to a 31% increase in consumer spend.

Online reviews help craft a business’ reputation online to be either positive or negative, based on their reviews profile. Online reviews provide valuable feedback and insights into customer satisfaction and helps build credibility for your brand.

Businesses without reviews may be ignored, but positive reviews level the playing field for new businesses. Online reviews are trusted by customers because they get to read unbiased opinions from other customers. Reviews also improve your search engine optimization (SEO) rankings, as Google assigns higher ranks to sites with positive reviews. These contribute to word-of-mouth marketing and ongoing brand awareness.

Online customer reviews are the most effective way to capture consumer attention and increase sales. These influence customer spending and create trust. Therefore, businesses should actively monitor and manage their online reputation, stay in constant contact with their review platform to maintain a positive image, and take appropriate action. 

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