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How To Delete A Google Review In 2021

Delete Google Reviews AddMe

Google Reviews are a crucial component of running a business in 2021, but what can you do about negative and fake reviews? There are ways to remove fake reviews on your Google My Business account but deleting a review is not as simple as pressing a ‘delete’ button. But, it is possible to delete Google reviews in 2021 if you are a business owner or a reviewer yourself.

Google reviews can be a great way to show potential customers just how good your business is. A high rating on Google reviews can help enhance your business’ reputation online and maintaining a high rating is crucial to help increase your number of customers in 2021. A high number of reviews combined with a high rating will help Google’s ranking algorithm reward your business for these reviews. 40% of organic ranking signals come from Google My Business and online reviews, therefore it is very important to get a high number of great reviews. Read more...

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How To Get Google Reviews & Boost Local Rankings

You need to learn how to get Google reviews in order to boost local rankings. It is imperative that your business is listed on Google along with good customer reviews. If your business is not listed, you can be sure that your competitors websites are, but how do you get Google reviews?

AddMe Reviews is a review and reputation management platform created by which has been providing digital marketing services, globally, for 23 years. AddMe is one of Australia’s longest running digital marketing businesses. The AddMe Reviews platform was developed entirely in house by our team based in Melbourne, Australia. Read more...

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Should You Use NPS or Google Reviews?

Should You Use NPS or Google Reviews? The Answer Is BothEvery business wants to know how their customers really feel about their products and the quality of their customer service. Although there are many ways to measure the performance of a business, customer satisfaction is where you really want to focus your efforts and NPS is a great way to measure this. No matter how effectively the rest of your company operates, if your customers aren’t happy, you’re in trouble.

One popular way of measuring a company’s customer relationship is Net Promoter Score (NPS). Over two thirds of companies listed in the Fortune 100 use the NPS metric to assess customer loyalty and satisfaction. Also many SMBs use it as well, but it has its limitations. Used as part of a comprehensive customer feedback program, it’s proven itself to be a useful and valuable tool. The problem is that businesses count on NPS to do more than it can realistically do, to the detriment of other important metrics, especially Google reviews. This is a mistake, and we’ll take a look at why. Read more...

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How Do I Boost My Google Reviews?

How Do I Boost My Google Reviews?

Google reviews are quickly becoming the way customers choose which company to do business with. In fact, as many as 91% of customers who are looking for a local business read their reviews online to compare them. Because of this, we are often asked, “How do I boost my Google reviews?” If your business doesn’t have any reviews yet, your company may be overlooked by customers who consider it to be a gamble compared to other local businesses who have positive reviews posted. So, how do you get more positive reviews in order to remain competitive? Here are a few ways to boost your reviews to make your company more prominent as well as more successful.  Read more...

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Google Reviews For Your Real Estate Business

Google Reviews and Your Real Estate Business

If you’re a successful real estate agent in today’s competitive business climate, you almost certainly long ago embraced digital marketing in all its forms as part of your overall strategy. You have a website, updated business listings, a social media presence, and probably conduct email campaigns. But there’s one factor that you might not be placing enough emphasis on, and that’s online realtor reviews from your customers. They’re much more important than you think.

The Rise Of Customer Reviews

Online reviews have always been with us, but most businesses have taken an indifferent approach to them. But the local search marketing landscape has changed significantly over the last few years with the rise of mobile devices and evolving consumer behaviour. As reported by SEO news site Search Engine Land, more than 80% of American adults aged 18 – 44 own smartphones, and over half of those research businesses, products, and services using a search engine like Google (86.3% of search market share in 2018) or going directly to a specific business’s website. Read more...

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