How To Write A Google Review Without A Gmail Account In 2022

How To Write A Google Review Without A Gmail Account

Google is an extremely effective marketing platform and search engine which often is the first destination for anyone looking for information. Google reviews form part of the Google My Business (GMB) feature which is a business information platform found through Google search results and Google Maps. Every business owner and consumer should become familiar with Google reviews as it is a powerful tool able to help with decision making for both the consumer and the business itself.

The Google reviews platform can be confusing at times and accessibility requires account access. It is possible to write a Google review without a Gmail or Google account, however there are some steps involved to do this. Creating a Google account and having multiple email addresses is something many consumers don’t have time for or don’t want to do. By following this guide you will learn how to leave Google Reviews without having to sign up for a Google account.


How To Write A Google Review Without A Google Account

When consumers want to leave a review it can be annoying to create a new email or account for the sole purpose of leaving a review. Luckily Google has recognised this issue and given an option to leave reviews without creating a Google account or having a Gmail account. Follow the steps below to learn how to leave a review on Google without a Gmail account.


Steps To Write A Google Review Without A Gmail Account

Step 1: Search Google For The Business

Step 2: Click The ‘Write a review’ Button 

Step 3: Click The ‘Create Account’ Button

Step 4: Click The ‘Use my current email address’ Button

Step 5: Create An Account Using A Non-Google Account

Step 6: Start Writing Google Reviews


Step 1: Search Google For The Business

Go to Google or Google Maps and enter the business name that you are looking to review. On the far right of the search (or far left on maps), you will see the name of the business and a star rating underneath it.

Google Search AddMe Reviews Large

AddMe Google Results

Clicking on the number of Google reviews will bring you to the enlarged reviews menu as seen below. This is where you will find the screen to see all the business reviews that have been left and where you can leave your own online review.

Google Review Profile Summary Large


Step 2: Click The ‘Write a review’ Button

The blue button labelled ‘Write a review’ can be found on the far right within the Google reviews menu screen when using Google search. On Google maps, the button is a white button and can be found underneath the number of business reviews. Clicking this button will bring you to the next step which involves the ‘Sign in’ screen.

AddMe Review Profile Summary

Google Maps Review Summary


Step 3: Click The ‘Create Account’ Button

The ‘Sign in’ page wants users to use a ‘Google Account’ to use the services, but the way around this is to click the button at the bottom labelled ‘Create account’.

Google Reviews Sign In Page

You can either create an account for ‘myself’, ‘my child’ or ‘manage my business’. If the purpose of creating the account is to write a Google review, then the best button to click on would be ‘For myself’.

Create New Google Account For Myself


Step 4: Click The ‘Use my current email address’ Button

The step that will let you leave Google reviews without a ‘Gmail’ or ‘Google Account’ is by creating an account with a current email address instead. You will need to click on the blue button labelled ‘Use my current email address instead‘ to bypass creating a Google account. This will change the field displaying ‘Username’ and ‘’ and instead let you enter an email address already in use that is not Gmail.

Create Google Account Menu


Step 5: Create An Account Using A Non-Google Account

This allows you to use another email address already in use operating from a different email service provider (Outlook, Yahoo, etc.). In the field ‘Your email address’, enter the details of the email address you currently use that is not Gmail. Fill in the rest of the account details within the form and click ‘Next’ to continue.

Create Google Account Menu 2


Step 6: Start Writing Google Reviews

Follow the steps from your email provider and confirm your email address to begin the process of writing Google reviews. To leave a Google review, simply search for the business in search or maps and click on the star rating to provide your feedback.


How To Leave An Anonymous Google Review

It is possible to leave reviews without a Google account, but is it possible for these reviews to be anonymous? Up until 2018 it was still possible to leave Google reviews anonymously, but this feature has been. These reviews were listed from ‘A Google User’ and were removed to increase trust from users and to decrease the number of fake reviews so businesses didn’t need to worry about deleting their reviews. However you can still leave an anonymous Google review, but it is quite different to the old method. 

To create an account, you must leave a first name and a last name. To make the review more anonymous some users will make an alias like Awesome Software1, or even their initials (for example M H). However Google does have some restrictions to go along with this and a lot of the time this is not allowed, but is the best way to make any Google review ‘anonymous’.


Why Are Google Reviews Important?

Gathering positive online reviews is important to increase your reputation as a business and can help bring in new customers. 97% of all consumers read online reviews . Online reviews have become the most powerful form of business marketing in 2021 as more and more consumers purchase online during the pandemic. In 2021 more than 50% of consumers believe the quality of reviews is important. In 2016, this figure was only 35%. All business owners need to know just how important reviews are now and how vital they will still be in future years.


How To Get Google Reviews

Google reviews are becoming increasingly vital when most customers are looking at reviews as a way to learn more about a business. Positive reviews will almost certainly help your business receive more customers. Writing Google reviews can be very helpful for the business and for potential customers as constructive feedback can certainly help with making purchasing decisions. 

AddMe Reviews makes the review generation and management process easy. The power of positive online business reviews can help drive more sales and help any business grow. Sign up for a free trial below to find out how positive business reviews can help your business today.

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