About AddMe.com

AddMe is a leader in online reputation management services through the AddMe Reviews platform. The platform provides a simple solution for businesses to take control of their online reviews by making it easier to gather and maintain reviews.

Founded in 1996, AddMe was one of the first companies to offer free search engine submission services. Quickly expanding services to offer more free SEO tools and a vast array of information and resources aimed to help others improve their search rankings.

In 2007, AddMe.com was acquired by Trillion, an Australian based software and solution provider. Since 1997 Trillion has made industry changing solutions starting with search tools, search engine submission software SubmitWolf/SEO Toolkit/PrioritySubmit, and later creating KeywordDiscovery.com which is an advanced keyword research tool. In 2008 Trillion launched the leading Domain Portfolio Monetization platform Above.com, that manages and monetizes the traffic of over 1 million domain names. Domain redirect traffic is the primary source of traffic now made available under the Trillion Direct Search Network.

AddMe has always had a strong focus in improving search rankings, which has been further enhanced with the development of the AddMe Business Reviews platform. After years of development, businesses are now reaping the benefits by being able to boost their reviews online, managing any negative reviews and amplifying positive reviews across their social platforms and websites.

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