Online Reviews ROI Calculator

Online customer reviews are a huge asset for your business. 97% of customers read online reviews and have been proven to attribute to a significant increase in sales. However, it's difficult to calculate how effective online reviews can be for your business, until now. We've built a simple tool to help you calculate your potential return on investment from online reviews. We suggest you factor in a 15% - 20% uplift in sales as a result of good online reviews.

Using your previous months sales data, enter in the following:

- Average order value
- Number of orders in the past month
- Your current margin
- The expected improvement (we suggest 15% - 20%)

Eg. 100
Eg. 1000
Eg. 20%
Eg. 10%

See your company's potential increase in sales & profits below if you start collecting more positive online reviews with AddMe.

$ 10,000
(with 100 orders)

Increased sales total per. month

$ 1,400

Increased profit total per. month

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As you will see, even the slightest increase in sales can justify you spending a little more time and effort on your Google reviews.

You can get started today by ordering AddMe Reviews or starting a 30 day free trial today.

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