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Reviews and Testimonials

Just to say I have used yet again, following the launch of my new website this morning. I have been an avid user of for many years. As far I am concerned you are the best. Happy Christmas and have a great 2013!

Dear Sirs, since 1997 I have used your free services. Now I need more entry in my website, and I think you're the most important company that can help me to resolving this problem.
Yours faithfully,

Over the last 9 years I have been very pleased with Addme and have your link on both of my sites.

I have used your site for a very long time and wanted to thank you....

The reason I wrote and inquired of was because I have been using your services on and off over the years and have watched your sight become more and more professional in appearance. Not to mention its increase in ease of use!

Gentlemen: I have found your keyword suggestion tool most helpful and have found words I wouldn't have thought of. One (picnic tableware set) have given me first page on Google.

I still think is the best url submission service. I have been using you for nearly 10 years now for all sites I have built.

You have, by far, the best service we have ever tried (and we have tried a 100 other ones). We design websites and host other internet businesses. AddMe. com is our first recommendation to all of our customers. Keep up the good job!

I just wanted you guys to know that you provide the *BEST* submission service I've come across, and I *LOVE* your new design. It sure simplifies the submission process for me. You have my gratitude..and I'll gladly add your link to my sites!!! Thanks again.

Thanks very much for this great service, now our site can be found by our members through Altavista and Yahoo! It really works.

I am a web designer and I have used the Add Me search engine submission service for all my sites. THANK YOU for making it so easy for me to send my creations to the public. You have made it possible to complete the process effortlessly, and I appreciate the time and money you have saved me. What a great service!

Wow... finally a spot where you know EXACTLY what you're submitting to, with some of the most popular search engines, too! Thank you - I finally feel satisfied with one of these free "add your URL" sites...

You provide the best submit service on the net! Your new format looks great and works even better!

This is the most incredible and USEFUL site I've been to so far. Ever! Thanks a million!

As a web developer, you guys really make my life easy! I put you on all our clients links pages and highly recommend you. Absalutely top notch professionalism and a big time saver.

You make it so easy...keep it up!!! 99% of my hits are from using!

Add-me just WORKS! My sales volume went up over $10,000 in the first month.


OUTSTANDING ! I used you before to get traffic at my free antique photo page and it did the trick. I have just used you again for my new location and your service was even easier to use than before. Thanks.

Ever since I submitted my site to "Add Me," I have received 50 hits. Considering that it's not a site for everybody, I was surprised at how many people visisted it in such a short period of time. So thank you, thank you, thank you!! My husband and I really appreciate it!! You're the best.

I would just like to Thank you for the web site submission to some real good engines. It was easy to do and didn't take very much time.

Excellent site and it will be a pleasure to add your link to my site!! Good luck in the future.

Wow! I cannot begin to express my immesurable gratitude for your excellent site! The design is great, actually -- in fact, I had a good deal of fun choosing different options from each search engine as I went through the form. Thanks for helping out startup businesses like mine. Your link is now on my page.

I just wanted to take a moment to write and thank you for your great site submission service. I have just completed the process and I am still quite, make that "shocked" at how easy it was! I am even more impressed by the fact that it costs nothing! is by far the best service I've seen so far.