How To Respond To Positive Reviews

How To Respond To Positive Reviews

Learning how to respond to positive reviews can greatly benefit your business’ reputation online. Responding to good reviews can be a make or break for your business and help give you a voice when it comes to your reputation online. In today’s digital landscape, customers rely heavily upon online reviews to choose a local business. In fact, 91% of 18-34-year-olds trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. This is why you really need to make sure that your business can respond to reviews online.  

Why Should I Reply To Positive Reviews?

Replying to positive reviews shows that your business has good manners, but this shouldn’t be the main reason to reply to all your reviews. Replying to positive reviews can assist with bringing in new customers if they are trying to decide upon which business to purchase from, whilst showing current customers you care about them. Responding to all reviews helps make a good impression and can turn potential customers into real customers. Often businesses just reply to their negative reviews and often forget to reply to loyal customers who have a positive experience.

89% of customers read reviews and the responses a business gives to those reviews. 20% of reviewers expect a response within 1 day, 53% expect a response within a week. This shows the importance of properly replying to your reviews, both positive and negative. 70% of consumers changed their opinion about a business after they responded to a review. You may even lose potential new customers if they don’t see any response from you, even if it is for a 5-star review and not a negative review.

Responding to reviews statistics

How To Respond To A Good Review

Receiving positive feedback online is great and responding to every single one of them should form part of your reputation management strategy. You should show appreciation towards your happy customers by thanking them for writing your business a positive review. You also need to make sure that you make the feedback personalised and at a minimum mention the reviewer’s name. This is so it doesn’t look like you are taking a simple ‘cut & paste’ approach for your responses. All of this helps encourage repeat business and helps positively influence any potential future customers who will attribute your online responses to you being a trustworthy business.

Positive reviews just need simple responses and can be as simple as “Thanks for your positive feedback Matt, look forward to seeing you next time!”. This is just one simple example of positive review responses to reply to your best customer reviews. See below for even more positive response examples so you can write the perfect response to your satisfied customers. The quicker you respond, the bigger the impact will be for your business. There is a direct positive correlation between replying promptly to online reviews and having a higher star ratings for a number of industries.

Reviews Industry Leaders vs Industry Average for Online Review Star Ratings
Industry Leaders (red) vs Industry Average (blue): Response Time /days vs Average Star Ratings of Reviews

How To Respond To Positive Google Reviews

Google is the top business review site in the world and is where most customers go first to get an idea of your business’ reputation. Google reviews can certainly help convince potential customers to use your business rather than competitors and responding to this positive feedback is vital. Find below the steps to reply specifically to Google Reviews directly within the Google Business Profile interface.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Navigate to the reviews section on the left hand side navigation bar

Google business profile settings menu for reviews

Step 3: See all your business reviews here and either reply to new reviews or edit responses for your already replied reviews

example 5-star review without text
AddMe Reviews example of a responded review

How To Respond To Positive Reviews Examples

Learning how to thank a customer for a review is super important for showing that you truly value their support and feedback. Sometimes it can depend if there is a detailed review or not, but you always need to acknowledge the customer experience of the original review. Below are some examples of responses you can personally use to assist you with replying to positive customer feedback online.

  • Thanks {name} for your awesome review! We hope to see you again soon
  • It’s our pleasure doing business with you {name}. See you soon!
  • {name}, it’s great to hear that you have had such a positive experience!
  • Thanks for sharing your great experience {name}!
  • We are glad you had a 5-star experience with us and hope to do business with you again {name}!
  • Thanks {name} for the detailed response. We are glad you had such a positive experience with us and were happy to share some great details. We hope to see you again soon!

Responding to online reviews is something all businesses should do to ensure they are using a good online review management strategy. You certainly need to give effective responses to your reviews and it doesn’t matter if it is for a 5-star rating, amazing reviews, a neutral review, or a bad review. All reviews should be treated equally when it comes to responding and positive reviews certainly need to be replied to efficiently and effectively for the best success.

Respond to online reviews with a review management platform like AddMe Reviews. Get started with a 14 day trial to see how responding to customer reviews can help your business online today.