Using Customer Testimonial Videos to Boost Your Business

Using Customer Testimonial Videos to Boost Your Business

Video testimonials and reviews can play a vital role in the purchasing decisions of many individuals in today’s digital age. With video content becoming increasingly popular every year, thanks to TikTok and Instagram, this trend is set to continue in the future. In particular, product and service video reviews are growing rapidly on all digital platforms. 91% of 18-34-year-olds trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from close friends or family members. This means having a strong online reputation, positive customer reviews (text and video), and strong video content can help make a business even more successful.

Text reviews have been the traditional way for customers to share their experiences with a business, however video reviews are becoming increasingly popular. Video reviews offer a range of advantages, enabling customers to share their experiences in a more personalized and engaging manner. A visual representation of the product or service being reviewed can assist in establishing trust and credibility. Additionally, video reviews can help increase the visibility of a business on search engines and social media platforms. Text reviews are still capable of achieving all these things, however they lack a visual component.


The Power of Testimonial Video Reviews

One of the biggest advantages of video reviews is their ability to increase trust and boost overall engagement with a brand. According to a study by Animoto, four times as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product or service offering than read about it. The study revealed that a significant portion of consumers, specifically 25%, may lose interest in a company that lacks video content, including video reviews and testimonials. Video reviews have a higher probability of capturing the interest of potential customers and maintaining their attention.

Video reviews also have the potential to boost a business’s search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. Google’s algorithm seems to favor video content, meaning that businesses with video reviews can rank higher in search results. Reviews help with SEO because of the strong social signals reviews give, specifically through Google reviews. Additionally, videos are more shareable than text reviews, which can help to increase visibility across social media platforms and also drive traffic to a business’s website.According to HubSpot research, 66% of consumers have watched video content (product demos, reviews, FAQs, unboxings, etc.) to learn about a brand or product. Utilising user generated content in the form of video reviews can be a great step forward to improve your online marketing and overall visibility.

Conducting a video testimonial interview
Creating professional video review content can help boost your business’ overall visibility and improve other key metrics such as driving more sales and increasing perceived trust.


Strategies for Using Video Testimonials & Reviews

Now that we’ve explored the true power video reviews can bring to your business, see below for some strategies for creating and promoting them to boost your business online. By following these strategies and using the right tools and platforms, any business owner can effectively use video reviews to boost their online reputation and drive more sales.

Creating Effective Video Reviews

Ask the right customers: Asking some of your current customers at the right time can result in having great testimonial video content. Outreach to certain customers about the proposition and be sure to customize your messaging for each customer. It is important to explain why the testimonial in video format will be so valuable and you could even offer to write the script for them.

Utilise customer testimonials: A great way to get video review content is to ask your satisfied customers to share their positive experiences on camera. This can add an additional level of authenticity and credibility to the video review and is a very effective way to show off your product to any potential customers.

Include a simple call to action: At the end of the video, include a call to action for viewers to visit your website or make a purchase. This can either be spoken by the satisfied speaking customer or by the company at the video’s conclusion.

Keep it short & sweet: Attention span of viewers in the digital age is short, so keep the video short and to the point. Video length should ideally be under 2 minutes and if posting on sites like TikTok, be less than 15 seconds.

Use professional equipment: Invest in good quality equipment and proper lighting to make the video look professional. View an example video testimonial here to see just how professional equipment can make a huge difference to the quality of video content you can produce.

Promoting Testimonial Video Reviews

Share on social media: Share your video reviews on your business’s social media accounts to reach a wider audience. The best platforms to capitalise on promotion for short form video content are TikTok and Instagram.

Embed on your website: Embed your video reviews on your business’s website to make them easily accessible to potential customers. A good place to put a video testimonial for maximum effect is on the checkout page of your online store.

Tools to Help Create & Share Video Reviews

Video editing software: There are various video editing software options available (such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, iMovie etc.) that can be used to edit and enhance your video review content. 

Optimize videos for search engines: To ensure that your videos are seen by the right people, make sure to optimize them for Google and other search engines. This involves including relevant keywords in the title and description of the video, as well as optimizing the tags and categories associated with the video.


Use Testimonials Video Reviews Effectively to Increase Engagement

Video reviews are a great alternative to text-based reviews and can provide many benefits to help businesses get more potential customers. Video content has the power to increase engagement, build trust, and drive more sales. By creating and promoting effective video reviews, businesses can boost their online reputation and increase their visibility within search engines.

Video reviews can be an effective way for businesses to boost their online presence, improve customer engagement, and drive more sales. By creating engaging video review content and promoting it on relevant platforms, businesses can reach even more new customers. With a good strategy in place, businesses can leverage video reviews to get ahead of their competition and boost their bottom line.

As a final note, we encourage businesses to consider incorporating video reviews into their marketing strategy if possible. With the right approach, video content mixed with online review testimonial videos can be a powerful tool for driving sales and building a strong online reputation for any business.

However, text based reviews are still very important, easy, and recognisable for most consumers. The team at AddMe Reviews help businesses of all sizes get more online reviews across platforms like Google and Facebook. Click the button below to begin a 14 day trial of the platform and see for yourself the many benefits online reviews can have on your business today!