Amazon Is Using AI to Summarize Customer Product Reviews

AI Robot Hand Typing

Amazon has taken a step towards enhancing the shopping experience for its customers by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help summarize product reviews. These summaries are generated by AI algorithms and highlight the pros and cons of various products based on customer feedback. The feature is available on the Amazon mobile shopping app and aims to provide valuable insights for shoppers seeking information about new products that lack a substantial quantity of existing reviews.

AI-Generated Summaries

Amazon’s AI-generated review summaries offer a convenient way for shoppers to grasp the main attributes of a product. A summary may highlight positive customer feedback, emphasize its effectiveness, and its stylish design. All summaries clearly state that they are AI-generated from customer reviews, ensuring transparency.

Promoting New Products

Traditionally older products with a huge number of reviews have held an unfair advantage, making it challenging for newer, potentially superior products to gain any recognition. By guiding customers towards promising new products, the AI summaries can help level the playing field.

Amazon’s Commitment to AI

While Amazon has not provided specific details about the new AI features, a company spokesperson confirmed their commitment to AI experimentation. Amazon is heavily investing in generative AI across its business verticals, affirming its dedication to harnessing the power of AI technology for improved customer experiences.

Mitigating Fake Reviews

Fake reviews have long plagued online retailers like Amazon, often written by fraudulent entities seeking to manipulate product popularity and deceive customers. The integration of AI-generated summaries serves as an additional step towards combating the prevalence of misleading reviews.


Amazon’s utilization of AI to summarize customer reviews offers a valuable tool for shoppers, providing them with a concise overview of product pros and cons. By embracing AI technology, Amazon aims to promote new products and foster a fairer marketplace. 

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