How To Send Batches Of Review Requests

The AddMe Reviews platform is capable of sending large batches of reviews to customers at once using customer data that has already been entered or by uploading customer data in bulk. Alternatively, learn how to send a review request campaign in bulk using another method. You can also send individual review requests, automate review requests using our BCC Email Automation, or include a request review link in your own emails.

1. If your business only has 1 location on AddMe, go to step 3. If your business has multiple locations, start from step 2

2. In the left-hand navigation menu click ‘Locations‘ and then click ‘Manage Location‘ for the selected location

Manage Locations Tab

3. On the AddMe Reviews Dashboard, click on the black button at the top right of the page labelled ‘Request Review

Request Review Button

4. Click the ‘Upload List‘ button to upload a file of your customer details in bulk

Request Review File Import

5. Click the green button labelled ‘Upload‘ to upload your customer list

Upload Customer List Button

6. You can then select which customers to add to the campaign from your list

7. Click ‘Send As Default‘ to send your campaign to the selected customers with the default settings (learn how to change default templates). Or click ‘Edit Content‘ to make changes to the email and/or SMS campaign

Send Review Options

8. Select to send the campaign as either ‘Email‘ or ‘SMS‘ and edit the content of either campaign as needed

Request Review Message Content

9. Optionally, you can also schedule the campaign at a desired time (in the location’s time zone) instead of sending at the current time

Request Review Scheduling

10. Click ‘Preview Request‘ to see a preview of the content or click ‘Send Request‘ to send out the campaign to your customers

Request Review Send