Include A Review Request Link In Your Own Emails

It is possible to send review requests to your customers in your own emails by including a link to your dedicated AddMe Reviews Landing Page. These reviews can be sent from your systems but still make use of the features available to you from your own landing page.

Keep in mind, review requests sent this way can’t be tracked by the AddMe Reviews platform. Meaning we won’t have any data on how successful you may have been in sending out these review requests.

To get more reviews you can also send review requests individually, send multiple review requests in batches, and automate review requests using our BCC Email Automation.

1. In the left-hand navigation menu click ‘Settings‘ and then the sub-menu ‘Landing Pages

Settings Landing Pages

2. Click on the tab labelled ‘Location‘ to change the landing page preview to a specific business location or use the default company stream for all locations

Landing Page Location Settings

3. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see your landing page with editable fields

Preview of Reviews Landing Page

4. Click the gray button labelled ‘Preview‘ to see a preview of your landing page

Landing Page Preview Button

5. Copy the URL of the Reviews Landing Page Preview and delete the text “?preview=true

URL Page Preview

6. Use this URL in any SMS or email messages sent to your own customers to direct them to your Reviews Landing Page