How To Use The Reporting Feature

Our powerful new reporting lets you report on specific locations, regions etc. These can be quickly downloaded to a rich PDF format and filtered down to provide the most appropriate information for your business. 

1. In the left-hand navigation menu click ‘Reports

AddMe Report Settings

2. Select any of the filters to best summarise the information needed for your business

AddMe Reporting Filters

3. The report can be displayed in your web browser by clicking the button labelled ‘Generate’. It can also be downloaded to a pdf format by clicking the button labelled ‘Export

4. The main summary shows the number of review requests sent and received as well as the amount of negative feedback captured for internal viewing only

AddMe Report Summary

5. You can view your average ratings for each listing profile as an average total rating for the selected filters

Average Reporting Ratings

6. The bottom of the report shows an individual summary of each selected location

AddMe Location Review Summary

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