Online Review Statistics & Trends To Know For 2022

*The data from this article was sourced in September 2021 Online reviews are one of the most effective word of mouth marketing strategies all businesses should be taking advantage of. Over recent years, online business reviews are even more vital than they have ever been. With an increase in online shopping recently, reviews are being … Read more

What Are The New AddMe Reviews Features?

The AddMe Reviews team are excited to share with you an update that will see many new exciting features added. These features have been designed to help you better manage your reviews. On Tuesday 7th September 17:00 AEST AddMe Reviews will experience 1 hour of downtime for maintenance. During this time we will be updating … Read more

Why Is AddMe Now AddMe Reviews? has a proud history of providing users with tools and services to improve their website’s exposure online since 1996. AddMe was one of the first companies to provide free SEO tools to increase website traffic. However, times have changed and solutions have needed to evolve to improve online exposure and website traffic. What used … Read more

How To Delete A Google Review

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How To Get Google Reviews & Boost Local Rankings

 You need to learn how to get Google reviews in order to boost local rankings. It is imperative that your business is listed on Google along with good customer reviews. If your business is not listed, you can be sure that your competitors websites are, but how do you get Google reviews? AddMe is … Read more

7 Ways To Make Use Of Customer Reviews

Even though many entrepreneurs focus on just not losing money, a business is only good as its growth rate. If you want your project to have a good chance of succeeding, you need to constantly work on improving it and getting it to the next level. A major component of this mission is increasing your … Read more

Should You Use NPS or Google Reviews?

Every business wants to know how their customers really feel about their products and the quality of their customer service. Although there are many ways to measure the performance of a business, customer satisfaction is where you really want to focus your efforts. Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a great way to measure this. No … Read more