When Is the Best Time to Send a Marketing Email or SMS?

When Is the Best Time to Send a Marketing Email or SMS?

It is essential to understand the best time to send marketing messages to your customers and which method of communication is most effective. Knowing when these metrics are at their highest allows you to send out messages when they’re most likely to be opened and clicked. There are many factors influencing when you should send email and text messages to your customer base. For example, some factors include the time of day, day of the week, and month of the year if your business depends on seasonal variations.  

What Is the Best Time to Send SMS Marketing?

The best time to send marketing by SMS is dependent on your type of business and the type of customers you have. Learning the best time to send text messages for your marketing materials can help you achieve greater results. Metrics such as open rate and click through rate (CTR) are important conversions to track during your SMS campaigns and can be greatly improved if you post at an optimal time. Generally, weekdays will give you better results than weekends. This is because people may be more responsive to messages than having to deal with marketing materials in their personal time like on their weekends.

Studies show the ideal send times to send SMS messages on weekdays are:

  • 9 AM-12 PM. People check their notifications when the working day is in the morning.
  • 5 PM-8 PM. After work hours where mobile phone usage is likely to be higher after the work day.


It is important to note that taking time zone into consideration is vital because no customer will be happy about receiving a text at 1 AM. Like with all marketing messaging you must first gain permission to send out an SMS marketing campaign, which is usually done via a form signup or something similar.  

When Is the Best Time to Send a Marketing Email

To make your email marketing strategy more effective, sending your messages at the right time can drastically improve your conversion rates. When you should send an email marketing campaign depends on several reasons like the hour of the day or time day of the week. Some common reasons include improving open rates, click through rates (CTR), chances to make sales, email engagement rates, and chances of content being shared.

The best day to send a marketing email to achieve the highest open rate is Wednesday, with Monday being close behind. Overall weekdays will have a higher open rate and CTR than weekends as this is when emails are more likely to be checked. The best time frame to send an email for marketing to get the highest open rate is between 10 AM-12 PM and 5 PM-6 PM. Numerous studies show that 10 AM has the highest performance for open rates every day of the week. It may be best to not send messages to email recipients exactly at this time as they could get lost among other marketing materials in someone’s inbox.


On mobile phone sending message

It can be unprofessional to email late at night and people may be annoyed if they receive email notifications at a late time, especially for cold emails. However, the time of day may depend on the content of your email. For example, your industry may determine what is the best time to send a newsletter, compared to the best time to send a sales email.  

Marketing Campaign Sending Times Aren’t Always Important

Sending timely emails and SMS marketing messages is not the most important aspect of an effective emailing communication strategy. Your main focus should be to provide valuable content within your email. Your marketing messages will be opened because of compelling subject lines, preview texts, and a convincing message/offer. Even if your emails have an optimal send time, your email newsletter or other material won’t be successful unless it provides benefit to your audience in mind who will actually open and click through your content.  

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