What Is The True Value Of Customer Reviews?

When businesses sell services and products, customers form opinions based on their satisfaction. These opinions are communicated through a variety of mediums, including word-of-mouth advertisement, online reviews, and more. And in today’s age and time, it is more important than … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Stay Updated With the Latest Trends in Social Media Marketing

Building and expanding a successful brand requires more than the ability to deliver high-quality goods and services to your customers. Today, utilizing social media is a cornerstone of most successful companies today, whether they solely cater to locals or international … Continue reading

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7 Copywriting Tips to Boost Your Website Traffic

Creating a successful blog or website not only requires high-quality content but content that is also easy to digest and find when searching online. Implementing a few copywriting tips when developing a new site of your own is a way … Continue reading


The Importance of Online Reputation Management for the Modern Business

  Bad news makes its way around the world before good news gets out of bed. There is a great deal of truth to this axiom – any business owner with online reviews can attest. If a customer has a … Continue reading

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Requesting Online Reviews

Requesting online reviews may seem like a tedious chore – if you don’t know how to request online reviews. Yes, all of the latest marketing blogs say you should be begging and pleading for reviews with no pride whatsoever. Does … Continue reading

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Which SEO Tools Are The Most Effective?

You already know that search engine optimization (SEO) is key to your site’s visibility across the Internet. With better SEO comes higher search engine rankings, thus increasing your brand’s visibility and, hopefully, your sales revenue. The question you need to … Continue reading

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Happy New Year – Welcome to 2018

Happy New Year From The Team @ AddMe   We all had a vote and we have all agreed, the Darude – Sandstorm New Years Eve countdown is by far the best way to welcome 2018. We hope you all … Continue reading


Merry Christmas From All @ AddMe

Merry Christmas From All @ AddMe.com Here is a list of popular Christmas Songs for 2018 – cue them up and enjoy your break.


3 Popular Website Builder Reviews: Key Features

Many people think you have to be very intelligent to build websites. But, truth is, there are plenty of Average Joes who know nothing about programming who are able to create web pages. In fact, there are thousands of free website builders … Continue reading


What are Backlinks and How do I Check Them?

Backlinks are hyperlinks that an outside website uses to link their site to yours. It directs traffic to go to your website. Backlinks, also called inbound links, have many benefits, but not all SEO backlinks are equal. Search engine web crawlers … Continue reading