Customer Reviews Software: Pain Killer for Real Estate Agents

Real estate agent shaking hands with customers

Online customer reviews from clients have become a necessary instrument for real estate agents to address the issues of marketing their business. One of the greatest struggles for real estate agents is lead generation. Customer reviews can provide important social proof for prospective clients and build confidence with potential customers. Favourable customer reviews serve as a potent marketing device and help real estate agents distinguish themselves from the competition.

The real estate industry is fiercely competitive, and agents routinely have a hard time differentiating themselves. Customer reviews can help agents stand out by helping inform client decisions and demonstrate agent expertise. Some real estate agents have a hard time generating as well as maintaining their website and social media. Customer reviews can help by providing useful material which can be used on websites, social media posts, and directory listings. 

To sum up, customer reviews can provide real estate agents with useful information to address common issues. By utilising customer reviews, both proactively and reactively, and using them to make better marketing decisions, agents can address a raft of common marketing and business pain points.

Generating Leads

Many agents have difficulty finding clients and generating leads for their companies. Customer reviews can help agents attract new customers by providing reliable social proof that builds confidence with potential buyers and sellers. Positive online customer reviews can serve as a useful promotional tool, drawing attention to an agent’s strengths and helping them stand out from the competition. 69% of agents say that leads generated from online reviews are either “relatively easy” or “very easy” to convert.

Real Estate Agent Lead Conversions Chart
Leads generated from online reviews are ‘relatively easy’ or ‘very easy’ to convert for 69% of real estate agents

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Building Online Presence

For real estate agents to achieve success in the digital age, it is essential for them to cultivate a robust online presence. However, many struggle with creating and maintaining a website or social media presence. Customer reviews can be a great resource to help create a strong online presence by providing valuable content that can be used to create a website, social media profiles, and listings on review platforms such as Google and directories.

Keeping Pace with the Competition

Real estate can be a tough business, and agents may struggle to differentiate themselves and stand out. Customer reviews are an excellent way to showcase a real estate agent’s expertise by providing valuable data that can be used to inform marketing decisions and demonstrate an agent’s expertise to potential clients. Much of your competition may not be focusing on customer reviews so it can be a great opportunity to get ahead in this area.

Trends and Technology

Keeping up with ever-changing marketing trends and technologies can be a challenge for real estate agents. Staying up to date is key, however, and customer reviews are a great way to get insights into what’s working and what isn’t. Monitoring customer reviews platforms and responding to all reviews – positive and negative – will help agents stay informed of current trends, strengths and shortcomings so they can adjust their strategies accordingly.

Making the Most of Marketing Budgets

With a limited budget, real estate agents can use customer reviews to maximise their resources. This can provide useful information that helps agents make informed choices regarding marketing and establishes them as experts in their field to prospective customers. Leveraging this user-generated content (UGC) can be a cheap and effective marketing tactic.

Measuring ROI

Receiving feedback from customers can assist real estate agents in gauging the success of their marketing activities and calculating the Return on Investment (ROI) from their marketing investments. Customer reviews offer a wealth of data that can be utilised to inform marketing strategies as well as demonstrate an agent’s abilities to potential clients.

Realtor shaking hands with clients after purchasing home
A good ROI measurement is how many marketing leads turn into direct customers for your business

Building Client Relationships

Developing and preserving healthy relationships with existing and former customers is essential for real estate agents. However, this can prove to be challenging and there is often no single strategy that works best. Reviews from clients can help form connections by providing valuable insight for agents. These, often public conversations, can enhance your agency’s customer service and guarantee that the ties between them and their clients remain positive.

62% of home buyers say that “excellent reviews that were posted by real customers” is what would make them “most likely” to contact a real estate agent they found online.

Likeliness to Contact a Real Estate Agent
‘Excellent reviews’ leads to 62% of home buyers being more likely to contact a real estate agent they found online

Creating Content

Real estate agents can leverage customer reviews to create consistent, high-quality content that resonates with their target audience and effectively showcases their listings and services. By highlighting specific examples of satisfied clients in these reviews, agents can demonstrate their expertise and help potential clients envision themselves working with them.

Leveraging Data

Many realtors may not have the skills or resources needed to properly analyse data and use it to shape their marketing initiatives. However, customer reviews can provide insightful data – everything from demographic data, sources of information, expectations and even the use of specific language – that realtors can use to make educated marketing choices while also displaying their capabilities to prospective customers.

Based on customer experience analytics data by ReviewTrackers, legal services, real estate, education, and financial services brands represent the bottom 4 industries in terms of meeting customer expectations around delivering the best value. This means 64.3% of your reviews will be negative if they are not managed effectively.

  • Legal services: only 33% of value-based reviews are positive
  • Real estate: only 35.7% of value-based reviews are positive
  • Education: only 36.4% of value-based reviews are positive
  • Financial services: only 40.5% of value-based reviews are positive
64%+ of Value-Based Reviews for Real Estate are Negative
Without effective review management,
64.3% of all online reviews will be negative

Balancing Marketing Efforts

Real estate agents have many responsibilities and may struggle to find the time and resources to devote to marketing efforts. Customer reviews can help your marketing efforts as they assist agents balance other tasks by providing valuable data that can be used to inform marketing decisions and demonstrate an agent’s expertise to potential clients.

Compliance and Regulations

Adhering to the regulations for advertising and marketing in real estate can be difficult for agents. Utilising customer reviews can help them stay compliant by providing relevant data that can direct their marketing activities, as well as demonstrate their experience to possible customers.


To sum up, customer reviews are an invaluable asset for real estate agents. By proactively utilising customer review tactics and data across multiple marketing channels, and engaging with potential buyers, realtors can effectively improve their business visibility and credibility in a competitive industry. It’s essential for real estate to respond to positive reviews, respond to negative reviews, monitor review responses and ask for further feedback. It could be the medicine your marketing efforts have been missing.

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