3 Ways to Gain Traction with Your Digital Marketing Campaign

Digital marketing is now the go-to instrument when it comes to promoting websites, products, and services. Everyone uses digital marketing, including top brands and large corporations. The digital marketing instruments available today provide unique ways to connect with the audience – potential customers – directly.

While you can produce great results with an integrated digital marketing campaign, most digital marketing efforts are not meant to produce those results instantly. Digital marketing campaigns need time to gain traction and these three tips we are about to discuss in this article will help you gain traction sooner than you think.

Invest in SEM
Waiting for your site to start appearing on the first page of search results is often necessary. No matter how good your SEO campaigns are, you still need search engines to index the site properly before you can gain search engine traffic. This is often a discouraging thing, especially if you are trying to bring traffic to a new website.
A great way to get around this issue and gain traffic early is by investing in Search Engine Marketing or SEM. Rather than waiting for search engines to index and rank your site, you pay for the top advertising spot on a pay-per-click basis.
The right SEM strategies are capable of having a big impact on your site’s traffic and conversion. By digging deep into the targeting tools, for instance, you can reach potential customers who are already looking for the kind of products and services (or website features) you offer. This means you are getting a high-quality stream of users that you can convert easily.

Use Social Media Ads
Advertising networks, particularly the ones that run through social media platforms, are also great instruments to use if you want to gain traction early in the digital marketing game. Using Facebook Ads, you can reach a highly targeted group of audience to expand your social media exposure and reach.
The goal here isn’t just to promote your website directly, but also to get more people to follow your social media profiles. By expanding your generic reach, you can take advantage of social media ads without getting too dependent on them.
Even better, you can create impactful ads thanks to the features offered by individual social media advertising networks. When advertising on Instagram, for example, you can use striking visuals, animations, or compelling videos to really capture the attention of your viewers.

Work with Influencers
Speaking of social media, there is one more way you can gain traction early in your digital marketing campaign, and that is by working with influencers. Influencers already have a large number of followers. All you have to do is find influencers whose followers are within your target segments.
Similar to social media ads, your primary objective should be promoting your social media pages. You gain generic followers from the influencer marketing campaign and you get the opportunity to build a genuine audience base that you can benefit from in the future.
Gaining traction is all about getting a lot of relevant exposure in a short amount of time. These strategies and tips will help you get your digital marketing campaign rolling in no time at all.

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