10 Newswire PR Distribution Tips that Will Skyrocket your Campaign

Distributing press releases is one of the best ways to get the word out about your business. However, it’s a challenge to get noticed by publications and journalists, so you need to ensure that you are practicing the best newswire PR distribution tactics that will increase your chance for media coverage.

Check these tips that you can apply to boost your success in distributing releases using newswire services:

1. Use a reputable PR service.

You can’t just choose affordable a press release distribution service, without considering the features it offers. You have to weigh the services they offer.

Can they help you achieve your goal? Examine your goal. Ask them what type of services they can provide.

Is it designed to help you attain it? For example, if you want to gain social boost, you need to consider a newswire that provides a social media sharing feature.

If you want to include multimedia, you need to pick a service that offers embedding images or videos in your release. If you use a service, without considering your needs, you’re most likely to spend more than gain profit.

You need to be wise in choosing a service. List down your needs in your current campaign. Check if a service can provide them. If not move on to the next.

2. Identify your target press.

Although you are using a PR service that has a network of journalists and media outlets, you need to ensure that you know which press you want to target. You can’t fully depend on them, and just rely that they are syndicating your releases.

Create a media list. You need to make your own research on who to target. Although they have a network of media, creating your own list ensures that you’re reaching relevant journalists who are more likely to take notice your releases.

PR services offer geographic targeting and are industry-specific. It means that they are going to send your release to relevant journalists who are covering the same topics. They are going to syndicate it to relevant publications (local, regional or national).

3. Create a catchy headline.

If you have written your own release, you need to ensure that the headline is attention-grabbing. Although you are using a distribution service, there’s no guarantee that journalists are going to cover you.

However, crafting a well-thought and newsworthy headline can get good impressions from journalists. Instead of tossing your release, they are more likely to check and consider writing it. Headlines should capture their attention right away.

It’s how important are headlines. You may think that it is just a small part of a release. But you don’t know that it plays a big role in the success of your campaign.

Great headlines can make or break your media opportunity. With a lot of noise in the media industry, your headline should stand out from the crowd.

Keep headlines brief, keyword-based, newsworthy and relevant. To make it easier for you, write the body of the release first, then the headline last.

4. Add visual elements.

Select a newswire that allows you to add visual elements like images and videos. Including it in your story makes it compelling and interesting to read.

Visuals are processed by the brain faster than text. It makes sense to add it in your content as it draws the attention of the readers. Visuals make a story easy to digest.

Add infographics, data, image of your products or video presentation. It makes your content alive and interactive. It enhances the value of your release and makes it easier to cover than the other content.

When using a service, ask if they charge additional fee for including visuals. Others provide it as part of the package.

5. Decide your desired result for distributing releases.

Before choosing which press release distribution service to use, you need to be certain about the desired result of your campaign. If you distribute such release, what is your goal?

Determining what you want to achieve can help you in making the right decision:

  • Increase conversion rates. One of your goals can be to boost your conversion rates, where you can acquire new leads for your business. Using a newswire service can distribute your release across more channels and consumers.
  • Increase your visibility. Visibility is important in order for your target audience to find you. Choose a service that has high search engine authority to ensure that your story appears on the top searches.
  • Boost brand awareness. When your content is distributed across different platforms, more people will know your brand. The more often they read your content, the easier for them to trust and make buying decisions.

6. Know how you’ll track the success of your campaign.

You should choose a service that will help you track the success the result of your campaign. It is important that you know how well it is performing in order to improve your future campaigns.

Reporting is a valuable tool that you should consider. Do they provide analytics report? You need to know where your release is published, how much traffic it gets, how many views it gets, or where the traffic is coming from.

Consider companies that offer reporting as part of their package. Getting information on how your campaign performed can give you a good insight of your return-on-investment (ROI) and your customer’s engagement.

7. Consider the features of service that are important to you.

As already mentioned, before choosing a service, decide what features are important to you. You don’t need all the features they offer, especially if it costs you additional investment.

You may want to consider if they have media monitoring, newsroom, writing, media database, media outreach and bonus services. Considering these features can help you decide, whether you re going to choose a service or not. You want to ensure that you are getting the most of what you pay for.

8. Choose a service that meets your level of expectations.

It’s obvious that you want to work with a newswire that meets your expectations. Beyond work, you want a service that provides quality customer service.

Are they approachable and ready to talk anytime? Or you need to call them again and again to clear issues? If you need to work overtime, do they have staff who can attend to your needs?

You want a service that can make your work fast and easy. Are they offering an improved user experience when it comes to submission of releases?

Can you manage your account online? Do they offer editorial assistance to correct your releases? What advice they can give you (SEO, feedback, distribution)?

Just imagine if you choose a service that doesn’t meet your expectations. It’s like you are wasting a lot of your PR efforts and investment.

9. Consider the cost.

One important consideration in choosing a service is the cost of the package. Basically, you don’t want to use a service that is way too beyond your budget.

As a business owner, you want to save money as much as possible. You have to have high ROI from what you have invested.

You should scout between distribution companies to find out the one that can offer you the best features at the least cost. You can’t opt for a pricey package and then get nothing in return.

Don’t forget that you should get the value for your money. You are doing business to gain profits.

10. Check for added features.

You can’t just consider the basic features. These days, there are a number of services competing for clients.

They are offering additional features without the need to pay extra. You want to look for these companies that provide bonus features.

There are several factors that you need to consider when choosing a press service. It is also true that most services provide features for additional cost. It comes with a price tag.

To get the most of your marketing effort, work on writing newsworthy and relevant releases. Doing this also improves your site’s SEO ranking. From there, everything will fall into place.

A lot of services provide targeting features. Make the most of your campaign by ensuring that you are distributing your content to relevant people. It should give you a boost for a wider reach.

Consider optimization. You want to choose a service that optimizes your content in the search engines. It will give you better visibility and searchability.

Once your news is published or you were mentioned in an article or news, don’t just stop there. Amplify your publicity.

Publish it in your own site or blog. Share it on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. This extends the life of your news.

When done regularly, distributing releases can boost brand awareness, help you get new leads, sales, and build credibility. As a credible source, you can be positioned as a thought leader in your industry. It improves press relations once they see you as a great source of information.

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