5 Ways to Use Localization to Gain More Organic Traffic

Localizing your website from English to other languages can bring a number of benefits to your business. If you’re looking to expand your sales and influence to other markets from all around the world, website localization is the best way to do so.

This will result in your gaining more organic traffic and improving your sales a lot easier than you would expect. As your area of influence grows, you will be able to attract more people through direct links from search engines and social media platforms. Here are some ways to achieve that.

  1. Choosing the right languages

Gaining more organic traffic through localization honestly depends on many different factors. One of the most important ones is to know which countries will accept your products or services the easiest. Based on this information, you can choose the languages you should be translating your website in.

The thing to consider is that there are certain languages from all over the world which are spoken in many different countries and by many different people. It is a good idea to start by picking the languages which will help you come in contact with more people from different areas as this will help you reach out to a bigger audience.

For example, you might wish to attract a market in France. The good thing is that there are many countries around the world where French is spoken and this can help you expand your business even further. This will attract more locals who will be interested in giving your products or services a try.

  1. Working with human translators

After choosing the languages you believe will work the best for your company and goals, you should go ahead and start thinking about the way you will achieve those translations. While some people online claim that machine translations can be just as good as the ones done by humans, you will come to find that every professional translation company will tell you that no machine can reach a professional translator’s level.

Human translations are always better because no machine will be able to perfectly translate slang, local words and phrases and certain things which will only be understood by natives. A native translator will help you create a translation which will make perfect sense to a local, native speaker and that will give your business a big boost in the new markets you are trying to reach out to.

  1. Using appropriate keywords

Localizing your keywords mean a lot more than simply translating them to another language. Each version of a popular search engine will show you that a popular keyword in one country might not always be similarly popular when translated into another language.

One of the things you should keep in mind when it comes to localizing your keywords is the fact that there are many different search engines apart from Google that people all over the world use. In China, for example, the most popular search engine is mainly Baidu, as Google is banned.

There are plenty of online apps and tools which can help you improve your international SEO and pick the right keywords to use in every occasion. In most cases, Google Keyword Planner and Google AdWords will help you do the job just fine and choosing high-targeted keywords won’t be an issue.

The only thing you need to keep in mind that you should definitely not over-saturate your content in keywords as this can end up affecting the ranking of your content and branding. The more effort you put into using keywords which are straight to the point, the more you will be able to attract people who will actually be interested in your services and products.

  1. Localizing your social media accounts

When it comes to achieving your website localization successfully, most professionals will agree that you should be doing the same to your social media accounts in order to attract a bigger amount of organic traffic.

Localizing your social media accounts will, first of all, allow you to have a direct way of advertising your website and brand to the markets you wish. While many people will find your website through various search engines, many others will be able to find it through social media accounts they follow.

By making sure your social media accounts are compatible with your website’s language options, you will be able to show your followers that you really care about offering them good quality services. This way, your brand will seem a lot more professional and trustworthy for local audiences.

  1. Providing customer services in each language

Last but not least, it is also important to localize the customer services you provide. A very important part of building a good relationship with your customers is making them feel safe in regards to the support you provide them with when something goes wrong.

If you have chosen to localize the content of your website in order to reach certain markets, you shouldn’t be surprised if you start receiving emails and messages in those languages. Providing your customers with answers in their own language will not only help you have them return for your services in the future, but you will also showcase your professionalism in a very effective way.

Knowing that you can come in contact with a brand easily before and after a purchase is always important when it comes to making the decision to invest in a product or service. Your customers will only have good words to say about the experience they had through interacting with your brand and that will help you gain not only positive reviews online but also create a better reputation.

Expanding your company’s horizons

Through localizing your company’s online content, you are allowing users from all parts of the world to come in contact with your products and services. Not only are you expanding your company’s reach and influence, but you are taking the first steps towards a more successful future for your business as markets abroad can offer you with many opportunities.

The more effort you put into the way your company treats its customers, the more people will put their trust into you and the services you have to offer. All you have to do in order to gain more organic traffic is to make sure your content is localized correctly and on every platform, and you are bound to be successful.

Kristin Savage has graduated from Columbia University where she was majoring in Germanic Languages. Besides English as her mother tongue she also speaks German and Dutch fluently. Currently Kristin is studying Spanish and planning to obtain her PhD in Applied Linguistics since she is interested in how to use her to some extent practical knowledge of language processes in everyday life. You can find her on Facebook and Medium.

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