How To Grow Sales With Email Remarketing?


email-marketing-retargetSometimes, your first email campaign may fall short of any expectations you had regarding sales and driving web traffic. When you want another opportunity to appeal to subscribers, loyal customers, and even newly-registered users on your website, learn how email remarketing campaigns can help. Email remarketing campaigns are useful to drive sales, boost web traffic, and increase the overall revenue you generate. 

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing or retargeting campaigns provide you with the opportunity to reach your subscribers and followers with data you have already collected from your users. They are extremely valuable when you want to test new marketing methods to determine the most effective methods of connecting with prospective shoppers. Some of the most common remarketing campaigns involve:

  • Sharing customized popups on your homepage or a specific landing page linked with the campaign you are promoting. Popups and landing pages can be highly personalized to resonate with a user based on where they are at in the shopping process (whether they are visiting your website for the first time, have items in their shopping cart, or have left the checkout process).
  • Upselling additional products or services that are relevant to items that have already been added to their shopping cart on your website.
  • Providing discounts or exclusive coupon codes to loyal shoppers who have made purchases from your site in the past.

When Should You Launch a Remarketing Campaign?

Remarketing campaigns have proven effective for both start-ups and large corporations, regardless of the market you want to reach. Some of the biggest reasons to launch a remarketing campaign include:

  • Noticing users add items to their shopping cart but avoid completing their purchase or taking any further action.
  • When you want to increase brand loyalty with coupons and discounts that keep past shoppers coming back for more.
  • When your eCommerce store has a high bounce rate and a high shopping cart abandonment rate.

The Rise of Shopping Cart Abandonment

According to BI Intelligence, shopping cart abandonment leads to more than $4 trillion dollars in loss each year. With approximately 69% of all online shoppers abandoning a shopping cart at some point while browsing online, remarketing campaigns have become essential to avoid losing out on potential revenue. When users are willing to add items to their shopping cart but are unwilling to complete their purchase, it is time to evaluate the most effective remarketing tactics to draw them back in. If your shopping cart abandonment rate is sky high, there are a few factors to consider before launching a new remarketing campaign:

  • Consider why shoppers are leaving your site after adding items to their cart. Are your products overpriced? Do your competitors offer better shipping rates and lower prices? Is your checkout working properly on all devices and browsers? Is your website’s layout too complicated or difficult to navigate?
  • Does your website have an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) icon displayed in the URL bar? SSL certificates display the safety and security of an eCommerce website to shoppers who may be using your store for the first time.
  • Do you provide multiple ways for your shoppers to pay to ease the checkout process? Using payment gateways help save time and do not require users to reenter all of their personal information and shipping details each time they make a purchase online.

Send Personalized Emails

Personalize remarketing emails for each individual who receives your message. Include the name of your subscriber and details of their last visit, purchase, or current online shopping cart. Personalization helps resonate with users who are on the fence about your brand, prompting them to learn more or to give your website another chance.

Target Segmented Groups

One of the biggest ways to take advantage of remarketing campaigns is to target segmented groups. Create segmented groups of your subscribers based on whether they are newly-registered users, loyal customers, or if they have yet to make a purchase but they still have items in their online shopping cart. Targeting segmented groups provides you with more flexibility and creative control when sharing promotions, offers, and messages to specific lists of your subscribers.

A/B Testing

Launch email remarketing campaigns with A/B testing in mind. A/B testing allows you to learn more about your users and the best methods to communicate with them. Test multiple subject lines, copy, and even variations of promotions or discounts you are offering to discover which lingo and types of openers work best for your audience.

Create Responsive and Mobile-Friendly Emails

When launching an email remarketing campaign, ensure that your emails are properly coded and responsive. Emails should open without issue on all operating systems, with any well-known browser, and all types of devices including both tablets and smartphones. Verify that your emails are responsive and mobile-friendly by testing each campaign before pushing them live.

Take Advantage of Email Automation

Implementing automation is another efficient remarketing method that is more hands-off than manually sending each email to segmented lists individually. An email automation service is optimal when you want to keep in touch with your subscribers or customers without contacting them each time an action is taken. Set up automatic emails to send each time a new user registers and verifies their email with your website. Send automatic emails once a transaction is completed using your online checkout process. Inform shoppers when their item(s) have shipped using an automatic email system. Transactional emails are much more likely to be opened than standard bulk emails, providing you with a unique opportunity to appeal to users while encouraging additional sales.

Take advantage of automated emails by implementing additional coupons, discounts, and exclusive promotions that are only available to those who have recently made a purchase or shopped with your company in the past. Create unique landing pages for each email remarketing campaign you send out to better track the individuals results and engagement with your users. Microsites and landing pages linked within email remarketing campaigns give you a better idea of who is responding most to specific types of emails you are sending out.

Track Email Campaign Results

Tracking the results of email remarketing campaigns is extremely important when you want to maximize your reach and the number of opens each email receives (leading to increased sales). Monitor which type of emails are being opened most while also keeping track of emails that are unopened or marked as spam to make appropriate tweaks and changes to future messages you send. The most important factors to keep in mind with email remarketing campaigns include open rates, click rates, and conversion rates. Tracking the analytics of every remarketing campaign you launch provides valuable insight into the wants and needs of your loyal subscribers and potential consumers.

Email remarketing campaigns do not have to feel confusing or foreign, even if you are new to the practice. When you become familiar with the most popular methods used with remarketing campaigns, create strategies that deliver promising results and a drastic increase in sales.

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