Get More Sales Leads With These 8 Killer Ideas

Pitch: 8 Campaign Ideas to Drive Sales Leads

With millions of companies worldwide available at our fingertips, standing out from the crowd and boosting sales leads can quickly become stressful and at times, overwhelming. When you want to maximize your appeal and online reach, get creative with your next campaign idea. Creative campaigns attract new users and provide incentives to make a purchase from loyal followers. While there is no one-stop solution for driving additional sales leads (as companies vary by industry), there are a few ideas to brainstorm with and keep in mind before launching your next digital campaign. 

Create Useful Videos

Create helpful and information-rich videos to share on your website, within emails, and even on your brand’s social media pages. Video media is much more likely to be viewed by new users and loyal followers, making it a perfect medium to utilize with a new marketing campaign. Share tips, tricks, and tutorials in simplified videos that range from 30 seconds to less than two minutes for maximum exposure while retaining user interest.

Use Quizzes

Quizzes that are relevant to your brand are ideal tools to use with digital marketing campaigns. Create quizzes that test a users’ knowledge or use quirky and fun quizzes to grab the attention of new prospective customers.

Encourage Reviews and Testimonials to Boost Your Website’s SEO

Official online reviews available on top search engines such as Google help to boost the overall ranking of websites. Encourage users to leave reviews and testimonials by implementing calls to action or offering incentives in exchange for thorough and verified reviews pertaining to your company.

Offer In-Depth Articles to Gain Trust and Loyalty

While most companies offer blogs that cover relevant topics, providing in-depth pieces are essential to gain trust and loyalty with your visitors. In-depth articles can explain a topic with fleshed out sources and multiple resources throughout. An in-depth article is optimal for websites that want to share information with users without simply providing generic content that can be found elsewhere on the internet.

Share Resource Lists

Provide your users with resource lists and lists that include tools that are most beneficial to them. If you have a brand that promotes customized clothing, share lists of online resources that provide graphic design tutorials, free design programs, and videos that are most relevant to your consumer base. Resource lists are ideal to boost your company’s credibility while providing a reason for visitors to revisit your site in the future for more.

Host Contests and Giveaways

Contests and giveaways are great to build hype surrounding your business and brand. Host contests and giveaways in your traditional email lists and also with your brand’s official social media pages. The key goal of hosted contests and giveaways is to incentivize sales leads that result in revenue generation. Offer products and services as prizes while encouraging engagement throughout the promotion of any contest or giveaway you launch.

Offer a Valuable Paid Email Course

Once your website is packed with high-quality content, resource lists, and useful tools for your audience, consider offering a valuable paid email course. When you have an email list that is active and responsive, launching a paid email course can help generate an additional revenue stream while building a professional reputation for your business.

Provide a Free Trial

Free trials are a great way to attract new prospective customers while providing an incentive for current followers to give your brand’s service or products a chance. Promote your free trial offer to loyal subscribers or to those on your email list who have made a purchase from you in the past. It is also possible to create an entire campaign using social media to promote the free trial you have to offer, allowing you to gain in-depth analytics reports to better understand the audience you are reaching and who is most likely to make a purchase from you once the trial is complete.

Whether you ultimately want to sell a subscription service, online course, or if you simply want to encourage users to shop with your company, getting creative with your next digital marketing campaign is a must. With a bit of creativity and an understanding of your users’ needs, boost sales leads and maximize revenue generation in less time.

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