How to Use Google Lighthouse as an SEO Tool

Lighthouse - Google Lighthouse

Google Lighthouse is the latest Free SEO tool the search engine offers to SEO marketers. It joins the list of SEO tools such as Google Analytics, Search Console, Keyword Planner, Google Trends, Consumer Surveys, and PageSpeed Insights.

What is Google Lighthouse?

Google did not design the Lighthouse primarily as a free SEO tool. It was not an SEO tool at all. It was initially intended for the auditing of Progressive Web Apps, PWAs. The four areas of the audit are accessibility, Progressive Web Apps, performance, and some other best practices.

Developers often use Google Lighthouse to measure the loading speeds of a mobile website. Some of the metrics measured by the monitor include:

  • The duration it takes for the important content to appear on the screen
  • How effectively the screen responds to the inputs by the user
  • Perspective speed index showing how fast visible content is populated on the screen

It also offers some options for optimizing the site’s performance.

SEO feature

Google added the SEO feature of the Lighthouse recently. It provides a basic SEO check. Just like the option for web developers, the new tool allows digital marketers to conduct a simple SEO audit. It unearths some of the issues on the site. Even more, it provides a proposal of solutions to the uncovered issues.

Google Lighthouse could at the time of writing, check ten areas of importance to SEO specialists. They include:

1. The presence of Title element

2. The presence of Meta Description

3. Meta viewpoint element

4. Descriptive texts in links

5. Indexing blockages on the page

6. If the document has a valid rel=canonical

7. If the hreflang used on the page is valid

8. Legibility of the used font sizes

9. If the document avoids browser plugin

10. The site has a successful HTTP status code

How to use the Google Lighthouse for SEO

Using Lighthouse in the Chrome Canary

  • Open your chrome browser.
  • Click on the menu bar on the top right of the browser
  • Scroll down to “More Tool.”
  • Select Developer Tools.
  • Go to “Audits.”
  • Click on “Perform an Audit” button.
  • Mark the SEO tab.
  • Click on the “Run Audit” button.

Using Lighthouse chrome extension

  • First, have the Google Llighthouse Chrome extension installed in the browser.
  • Click on its icon in the upper right corner of the chrome page
  • Select the Options menu and mark “SEO.”
  • Click “OK” to generate a report.

Google lighthouse Free SEO Tool


Google lighthouse Free SEO Tool - Report

The free Google SEO tool is just is an additional tool that gives you a peek into the practical details of your webpage. It is bound to become better with time as Google is still working on how to improve it. However, SEO professionals currently find the Google Lighthouse too basic for their needs.

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