7 Tips to Stay Updated With the Latest Trends in Social Media Marketing

Latest Trends Social Media Marketing

Building and expanding a successful brand requires more than the ability to deliver high-quality goods and services to your customers. Today, utilizing social media is a cornerstone of most successful companies today, whether they solely cater to locals or international followers. Staying updated with the latest trends in social media marketing is essential whether you are launching a new start-up from the ground up or seeking to further the success of an existing business. With the right social media marketing insight, outperform competitors while truly making a memorable impression in any industry you represent. 

Follow Successful Brands on Social Media

Follow brands in your industry that have a great track record regarding their social media marketing campaigns and the responses they receive from followers and loyal customers. Study how brands in your industry relate to users, communicate with customers, and interact altogether with those who have an interest in their company. Selecting the right “voice” for your business and brand is an important decision that can have a long-lasting effect on those who shop with you.

Sign Up to Receive “Google Alerts”

Sign up to receive alerts directly from Google, using Google Alerts. Enter specific keywords and tags to track that are relevant to your brand and the products or services you provide. Once you have signed up to receive alerts directly from Google, they will arrive in your Gmail inbox at the frequency you have selected.

Create a Stream of Relevant Hashtags on Twitter to Follow

Jot down a list of popular hashtags that are most relevant to your business and brand on Twitter. Create a stream of hashtags to following using services such as Hashtags.org to get started.

Join Active Groups in Your Industry on LinkedIn

Use LinkedIn to represent your brand professionally. Join social media and social media marketing groups on LinkedIn for the latest social media news and updates all across the web. Interact with other members of your social media groups for further information and more details regarding the topics you have an interest in for your brand.

Track Instagram’s Latest Trending Uploads Using the “Explore” Function

Instagram’s “Explore” feature is ideal to keep up with the latest trends throughout Instagram itself. Use the “Explore” feature of Instagram to check in on the latest trending hashtags and the types of uploads that are most popular and relevant to your business and brand.

Subscribe and Follow Social Media-Centric Blogs

Following social media-centric blogs and websites is one of the most popular methods of remaining updated with the latest advancements in social media and tech. Some of the most popular social media marketing blogs include: MashableSocial Media Examiner, and Simply Measured.

Attend Local or Virtual Social Media Conferences

If you want to gain even more from spending time with others who specialize in social media marketing, consider attending a conference. Both local and digital social media conferences provide tips and tricks to seamlessly launch successful ad campaigns while also staying up to date with the latest innovations in tech.

Putting social media marketing to use effectively is essential in a highly-competitive online world, especially if you are launching a brand that is refreshing and entirely new. The more active you remain with following social media marketing trends, the easier it becomes to incorporate various elements of the latest trends into your company’s own online campaigns. Social media marketing in conjunction with high-quality products and services provide unlimited opportunity when generating new leads and completing sales in the digital world.

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