Whats New With Google Mobile Search?

Google is well known for changing the rules of its search engine to stay ahead of trends and new technologies. Google mobile search function is no different – the latest design for mobile devices is a fresh look with a potential for higher functionality.

Google Mobile Search New Look

new google mobile search

The first change that users will notice is the complete absence of sharp corners – everything is rounded to match the shape of the latest generation of smart phones.

The default color for links is also slightly changed from a dark blue to a light blue, which is more pleasing to the eye without losing the functional contrast.

Users who are looking for business listings will find them much easier to locate. Brighter yellow stars now populate review listings, replacing the more drab orange that was previously there.

Search Functional Changes

There are few obvious functional changes to the Google mobile search platform, but this doesn’t mean that nothing has changed. Changes in the Google search algorithm take place over time, pushed forward by the behaviors of actual users. Although the cosmetic changes seem only surface level, they may invoke different behaviors in search engine users. If this is the case, we can definitely expect to see changes in the function of the site as well.

Google has, however, made a significant announcement to its privacy and transparency rules. Developers were given 60 days to comply with new measures aimed at curbing Trojan software and undercover phishing efforts. Google stated quite clearly that sites must gain explicit user permission in order to gather personal information, and companies must state their policies in an onsite privacy policy.

You can bet that Google has made changes behind the scenes to appropriately punish websites that do not adhere to these new data privacy rules. Perhaps the cosmetic rollout was a subtle warning to companies that Google is quite willing and able to make changes to its site very quickly (and without warning).

It is rumored that Google is also taking steps to prioritize popular apps that come from its Play Store. With more commerce coming into the mobile space every day, it only makes sense that Google would try to cement its own place in the search market by “partnering” with the apps that keep people coming back to its marketplace. This may also be another jab to sites that refuse to play ball with the new privacy rules. Google will do more than punish those sites; it will also offer users alternatives.


It is unsure that Google is taking these changes to heart. Google is known for testing its new features in real time on real users before deciding on a final format. No official announcement has been made from Google, lending some weight to the notion that these changes may be temporary.

The Google desktop and app have not been changed to match the mobile platform. This may show that the company has not yet fully committed to these changes within the mobile space and may actually be testing the changes on behalf of the other platforms as well. The online world will certainly look forward to seeing the changes that Google finally implements, as they are sure to have a profound impact on how we search out solutions and do business in the mobile space.

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