Use Car Dealer Customer Reviews to Your Advantage (Even the Negative Ones)

We work with a variety of car dealers, helping with their local search and collecting more customer reviews for their car dealerships. Not all car dealer reviews are positive.  We have outlined some of the challenges they have been facing and how they are resolved with some simple SEO and the a spirit of customer service.

Car Dealer Customer Reviews

The online review site is the new word of mouth. As much as you may want to create good business relationships with all of your customers, some of them will fall through the cracks. When this happens, you can expect a bad review! People are much more likely to write out of anger than they are when things go well.

Fortunately, there are ways to use all customer reviews from your car dealership to your advantage. Here’s how:

Trends In Negative Car Dealer Reviews

Make sure that any problem reported in a negative review only happens once. If it happens more than twice, you have a trend that is detailing a bigger issue with your business. Take these reviews as a blessing – these people are speaking up and actually protecting your future business interests.

Answer The Call Online As Well As Offline

If you are using an elite review generation platform such as AddMe Review, you will have the opportunity to showcase your responses to negative reviews. Believe it or not, people can be quite understanding of hiccups in your business if you are quick on the uptake. As soon as you see a negative review pop up, address it immediately with a positive, solutions-based message that details your next course of action.

Use Negative Customer Reviews For SEO

Once you have addressed all of your negative reviews, you can use all of that text to improve the visibility of your business on the major search engines. It is likely that your customer used many relevant keywords in his/her critique, and you definitely used some [because you researched them beforehand] in your response. As your visibility increases, your reputation for great customer service will as well when people see the comment thread.

Use An Accessible Platform To Give Reviews

No one likes a business that tries to hide from customer feedback. Not only is this impossible, but the business loses out on the advantages mentioned above. You will minimize the number of negative reviews that your business gets if you use customer software that is both accessible and intuitive.

Compare Your Car Dealership To Your Competition

Negative reviews give the most telling narrative of your business, and the same is true of your competition. Take a look at  the negative reviews that your competitors receive to learn about market trends they may be missing. Savvy car dealers may even use a competitor’s negative used car dealership reviews as the onus for an ad campaign. Why not? Do it before they do it to you!

Turn Your Negative Reviewers Into Your PR Agents

People who leave negative reviews are likely more invested in review platforms than the average person. If you address their concerns quickly and efficiently, you may be able to turn them. Do not look at negativity as hatred – these people simply want a solution. Provide solutions to these social leaders, and they will bring other prospects to you!

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