Customer Reviews, Why & How?

Customer Reviews - Collect 5 Star Reviews and Boost Your SEO

Over the past few months, you would have noticed a shift in focus on AddMe, away from general SEO and search engine submission tools. We are now focusing all our efforts on what you, our readers, have told us is important to your business, local search and customer reviews.

We have build a free Business Review reporting tool – enter your business details below and the tool will run a free customer review report for your business.

The creative team here have put their heads together and created a simple video which clearly explains what customer reviews are and how reviews impact your business and local search results. We recommend you take 3 minutes out of your day to watch this quick video, once you’re done – don’t forget to run your free review report on your business below. 


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    Very nice excellent work done by you with that article.

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  5. Nepal Trekking Trails says:

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