Best SAAS Services for Powerful Ecommerce Business

Ecommerce success doesn’t come easy as you’ve got dozens of things to worry about, from the choice of an ecommerce platform to payment processing merchant integration, from social media marketing to high quality product photography and customer acquisition to SEO. Thankfully if you get the first thing right (that is, your choice of ecommerce store builder) everything else becomes easier. With so many amazing SaaS model based online ecommerce store builders on offer, you have no dearth of choices, but how do you choose the best one? We intend to introduce the most power-packed options, in this guide.



Shopify - Best SAAS Services for Powerful Ecommerce Business
Shopify makes it to any top SaaS ecommerce solution list, courtesy of its expansive catalog of empowering features. To begin with, you get free and premium responsive website themes, can achieve any level of design customization using the WYSIWYG builder, you can tweak the HTML5 and CSS code, and get a unique and custom designed theme. Smart analytics and database features let you manage customer accounts and information in a hassle-free manner. Leverage the support for dozens of payment processing options, advanced taxation and shipping, and quick product page addition to set your e-store up in a jiffy. Shopify supports multiple currencies, languages and tax rates, making it a truly global solution to your online commerce needs. Other amazing features include discount codes and promotions, social media marketing management, email marketing, abandoned cart management, customer loyalty and mobile commerce. With 3rd party apps and widgets you can add any specialized functionality that is not included upfront in the web store builder.


Bigcommerce - Best SAAS Services for Powerful Ecommerce Business
Bigcommerce is really big in the market of SaaS ecommerce store builders as its end-to-end ecommerce solution is unmatched and includes domain name, web hosting, free storefront themes, a secure shopping cart and literally hundreds of tools and functionalities to help you set up, manage and scale up an e-store. Setting up payment processing options, email accounts, product pages, settings for customer accounts, and taxation rules is a breezy affair with Bigcommerce’s intuitive interface. The SEO tools stand out because of their ease of use, and depth of settings, helping you optimize your e-store content for search engine visibility. Bigcommerce’s marketing options are up there with the best, right from its email and social media marketing, to management of promotional offers and integrated blogging. Bigcommerce’s abandoned cart saver helps you salvage most of your abandoned or almost lost sales! Then, you can access the core code of the Bigcommerce themes and overhaul the visual appeal of your websites. Bigcommerce has everything to help you make your ecommerce store big, so it offers integration with other platforms like Google Checkout, Facebook, Shopzilla, and eBay, among others.


Volusion - Best SAAS Services for Powerful Ecommerce BusinessVolusion has made its way to this list on account of offering all basic ecommerce functionalities, decent add-ons, and most importantly, bundling amazing customer support options into its offering (more on that later). Apart from a good catalog of free and premium responsive themes, Volusion offers in house theme designing service to help you differentiate the look and feel of your e-store. You also get premium services such as advanced SEO, digital marketing like PPC, shopping feeds, conversion optimization, social media marketing, and advanced analytics. Volusion offers domain name, payment gateway integration and SSL certificates as part of its offering, thus enabling restriction free ecommerce for your business. Its fraud protection service keeps your e-store safe from fraudulent transactions and similar cyber troubles. Most importantly, you get several how-to videos and guides to help you explore the entire range of Volusion’s features. With 24×7 site support you can be sure that any issues you face will be sorted out, quickly.


Highwire - Best SAAS Services for Powerful Ecommerce Business

Here’s one of the lesser known gems of SaaS based ecommerce website builders. HighWire’s highly interactive website builder helps you create custom web pages from scratch. Use its WYSIWYG builder to modify existing templates and set a unique looking e-store up. Then, set the store up for sales by configuring payment processing options, adding rules of currencies, languages, and taxation, and setting the checkout process up. Advanced functionalities include the discount codes management engine, social media integration and gallery styled product views. Encrypted payment gateway integration makes your e-store secure for online transactions, and SEO features help you optimize the store content and setup for search engine visibility. HighWire is regarded as one of the most developer friendly website builders, which means you can customize the look and feel of the website using your expertise in HTML and CSS, if needed. - Best SAAS Services for Powerful Ecommerce Business
Simple, yet power packed to the core – that’s Wix for you. This SaaS based e-store builder helps you create a visually impressive e-store using its free and premium ecommerce themes. Once you are done with the basic tweaks using the WYSIWYG website builder, and setting the payment processing up, you will realize the true potential of Web. It offers email marketing templates, SSL certification, multiple hosting choices, and advanced analytics reports. Web is a Google Premier partner, offers industry revered business consultancy services, and dedicated customer support, apart from a massive library of how to guides to help you maximize your utilization of the web store builder’s features. Professional design aids, Google Local setup for your business, and monthly submissions of your store to local directories – that’s how good Web is.


Squarespace - Best SAAS Services for Powerful Ecommerce Business
Squarespace is another terrific SaaS ecommerce solution for business, with its core aim of taking all complexity out of the e-store setup and management process. To enable this, Squarespace offers remarkably beautiful responsive storefront design themes, lets you overhaul the design using drag and drop styled content elements and bundles all basic enabler functions such as payment gateway integration, shopping cart setup and shipment and taxation rules in its basic offering. The administration dashboard offered by Squarespace is among the best, allowing you to manage all your e-store management activities from one screen. Also, you get advanced SEO options and automated SEO features that make your store highly visible on search engines. Look to use Google Analytics integration to gather  useful info and stats about your web store. Squarespace also scores well in terms of offering you a lot of security options to keep your store’s users’ monetary and personal information safe.

An ecommerce builder is a lot more than just a collection of storefront designs, a checkout process, and integrated payment gateways. Modern SaaS ecommerce builders help you with a lot more, right from marketing to customer loyalty, fraud prevention, and business scale up.

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