Do You Know Your Customer Demographics?

When you are a small business, any kind, whether it’s an auto dealership, a lawyer, an accounting firm or a massage therapist, there is one commonality. People.

Customer Demographics & Small Business


Knowing your customer demographic, your perfect three customers can help you define all the marketing you do. But in the blur of (SEO)search engine optimisation, utilizing Facebook small business features, website promotion, promoting website traffic and using social media what do you do.

By defining your demographic and your business, you can choose the best social media to use. You can also choose the best times to launch ads, and information.

Try watching who you do business with for a month.   This may give you a clue, if you don’t already know.   There usually is a predominant group that use your products or services.  This survey can help you determine who is approachable.

Also, some industries do better on different platforms.

You might want to enhance marketing in that area, or enhance it with targeting another demographic that has connections to your primary demographic.   Do you mostly work with baby boomer grandmothers, you might want to tailor something for their sons and daughters as well.

  • Are you a chef or a hotel?  Instagram with it’s picture aspect may be the primary source for you to use.
  • Does your business cater to retired baby boomers who long to splurge, travel and have luxury in their life?   That’s when a Facebook small business ad, may attract that demographic.  Baby boomers whether or not they are fully retired tend to be online from 10 am until about 8 pm.  They tend to be the ones who use laptops almost exclusively.
  • Gen-Xers who are the money earners and the young families post a lot of pictures on Facebook, that is another place to drive traffic to your website, where blogs and listicles by influencers can impact the buying power of this group.  This groups grabs information on their phones as they go.   This is the soccer mom / working group who grabs information as they go.   They have a wide range of times they use the internet.
  • Millenials tend to like the quick experience.   They value quality information.   Snap chat works well , but don’t bury them with fluff.   They use their phones.   They tend to browse from 6 pm until midnight.  This is a very visual generation, so work with crisp photos and videos.

Think about the kinds of people you currently attract, and the ones you’d like to attract.

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