How to Get Your First 1,000 Followers on Instagram

1000 followers on instagram

Long before the days of Facebook, Friendster, and Myspace, when we spent our days rushing home to send a crush a “nudge” on MSN, the effects of social media were not as wide spread. Today we truly live in a technological world, where every delicious meal and awesome workout can be shared with the world in an instant.

Today Instagram is King. With more than 150 million monthly active users registered, it’s bigger than Twitter and closing in on Facebook. With the ability to mark your location, hashtag keywords, and the ability to send photos and videos to followers makes Instagram one of the hottest social media platforms available.

So when starting an Instagram account how can you improve your relevance and gain followers quickly? It may seem impossible, but you can make the most of your photos on Instagram to truly maximize your audience reach.

Here are 10 awesome tips to gain followers when starting your Instagram account:

1. Add an attractive bio to your account.

Describe yourself and your interests in the profile. Make sure that you include relevant hashtags to attract followers with similar interests. You can add a bio by going to your profile and pressing the “Edit Button.” Tap the Bio section and start writing something creative about yourself.

2. Connect your other social media accounts.

Connect Instagram to your other social media account. Connecting accounts will definitely help you network and find more followers. To do this, access your profile, click the “Options” button, and then scroll to “Share Settings.” Here you can connect your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr accounts to your Instagram account. This will allow your Instagram photos to be shared through these social networks as well, definitely increasing your reach and enabling you to gain more followers.

3. Post interesting content.

While this may seem obvious, there are definitely some Instagram accounts that need reminding of this suggestion. People want to see pictures that are interesting. Unless you are a celebrity, posting 100 selfies in one day is not going to help you gain followers. Add photos of cool and unique things you see. Show what adventures you have been taking while you were out and about. When you are taking the photo, make it look visually appealing by trying unique filters and angles.

4. Stick to a theme.

When you are really serious about gaining a lot of followers on Instagram then it is good to stick to a good theme. People who adhere to only posting photos on certain themes seem to gain more traction with their audience. You may be particularly interested in landmarks, for example. If you post photos pertaining to the landmarks you discover, then you will have more enthusiasts following you. Do not only post pictures that relate to each other, but try to also follow a color scheme. There are many accounts where the walls look like one large work of art because the user follows the same shooting style and use of color. Make your account more attractive by doing the same and you will definitely attract an increase in followers.

5. Time your postings.

Think about the times when people are on Instagram. If you are posting all of your photos at 4 A.M., then you are most certainly not reaching your maximum audience (unless they happen to be insomniacs). Time all of your postings wisely to ensure that you are reaching a larger audience. People are far less likely to see your photos in the early morning or late in the evening.

6. Space out your posts.

When trying to gain more followers on Instagram, quantity is not the best system to follow. You want to make sure that you space out your photos. If you post too many photos at once, it will look like clutter and you will be far less likely gain followers. After all, you do not want to appear as if you are trying to spam.

7. Use Hashtags.

While hashtags may seem to be losing steam on other social media networks, they are still thriving on Instagram. Make sure you always add a caption to your photo on Instagram and any relevant hashtags. If you are unsure what the most popular hashtags are at the moment, check out websites like to find out which hashtags are the most popular at the moment. Use your hashtags wisely. Using tons of hashtags is not only annoying to scroll through, but it will put your photos in categories that really do not fit your photo. If you use hashtags correctly you will reach a wider audience, causing you to increase followers.

8. Interact with others.

Once you have started using Instagram, be sure to interact with others. Comment on photos of other people, follow people with similar interests, and respond to the comments that you receive on your photos. When you post, encourage others to leave feedback to let you know what they think about your photo. This will definitely encourage more activity on your Instagram account and enable you to gain more followers.

9. Location, Location, Location!

Mark your position known to promote your photos. Don’t name your hotel room, but use a specific location. You want to make sure that your protect yourself, but at the same time attract followers based on your location. So if you are visiting Toys R Us in New York City, definitely post that, but don’t post a picture of your hotel room saying this is what room 412 looks like at Caesar’s Palace.

10. Be there but not everywhere.

Your followers definitely want to know who the face is behind your account, but don’t feel like you need to use Instagram as a mirror or that you are using Instagram as a way to keep track of how you have looked every hour of the day for the past ten years. Dominating your gallery with selfies will definitely turn people off. Make sure you stick to your niche to gain the most followers.

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