May 2015 Poll Results: Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Here are the poll results for May 2015. Thanks to over 4,500 people who took time to take our poll.

Question was: Is your website mobile-friendly?

  • Yes 254/4509, (5.63%)
  • No 2163/4509, (47.97%)
  • I’m not sure, 2092/4509 (46.40%)

Nearly half the respondents said their website was not mobile-friendly, while another 46% were not sure if their website was mobile-friendly. This left only 6% of poll-takers who were sure their website was ready for mobile devices. I was a little surprised by these results considering the anticipation and release of Mobilegeddon update last month.

For those of you not sure whether or not your website is mobile-friendly, you can use this tool to check:

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6 Responses to May 2015 Poll Results: Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

  1. Hey Steve,

    These stats back what I’ve been seeing which is that webmasters and business owners aren’t really concerned right now about this. There was a slight panic before the update, however as no one has reported major ranking drops or loss of business, the people I talk too are kind of wondering why the main focus, and based on your numbers, they clearly aren’t. I think if you would have seen the same type of fallout that you saw after the Penguin and Panda updates, more people would know and understand a lot more about their websites.

    • Steve Baik says:

      Hi Terrence,

      You’re right. It’s exactly the same observations I had in various forums and blog comments. A lot of hype but very little were affected.

    • I agree. Before the update, many SEO’s informed their clients about this and website owners became worried but not a lot of them took action. I feel that people were relaxed because Google told us before the update that other websites will still rank on mobile. Google isn’t putting too much ranking emphasis on whether or not a website is mobile friendly. I still see websites ranking on mobile that can be classified as absolutely horrible to look at on mobile. Makes no sense but it’s how it is for now. I am unsure when Google will improve this.

  2. Those numbers are very surprising! I thought it would be in 20% range of mobile. Good to know.

    I also noticed the same, we had a couple clients who were not mobile ready yet but we have not noticed a drop in their rankings yet.

  3. It looks really strange, how people are giving an answer NO… If it’s really NO, why don’t they try to change something? So confusing…

  4. MD Alfaaz says:

    Hi Steve Baik,

    I was not knowing that my website is mobile friendly or not but when I check through the tool I came to know that my website is mobile friendly.

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