Mobilegeddon is Here – Google’s Latest Major Algorithm Update

As you may have heard, Google released “Mobilegeddon” a few days ago. This is Google’s latest major update to their search algorithm. What makes this major is that it affects websites in all languages and countries. The basic gist of this update is that it gives websites that are mobile-friendly, a “boost” in their search rankings.

So, yes, your website will be affected one way or another. Also, with mobile devices becoming more and more influential in the world, I’m assuming this factor will carry some weight.

If you care about organic search traffic, you can’t ignore this new factor. Have you updated your website to be mobile-friendly?

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3 Responses to Mobilegeddon is Here – Google’s Latest Major Algorithm Update

  1. Miguel says:

    I’ve been monitoring and I haven’t seen a huge change yet. I still see non mobile sites ranking on mobile results. Perhaps its just a matter of time.


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  3. Hub Of Leather says:

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