For 2015, what areas of Internet Marketing will your focus on? January 2015 Poll Results

For our January 2015 poll, here was the question: For 2015, what areas of Internet Marketing will your focus on?

Thanks to 3,670 people who took part in our monthly poll. Here are the results:

  • Email Marketing: 739/3670 (20%)
  • All of the Above: 694/3670 (19%)
  • Banner Advertising: 688/3670 (19%)
  • Pay Per Click or SEM: 668/3670 (18%)
  • Content Creation: 676/3670 (18%)
  • SEO: 205/3670 (6%)

I found these poll results to be very interesting and unexpected. I was expecting SEO to be at the top of everyone’s list, but that was not the case. In fact, it came out at the very bottom of the list. I’m getting the sense that people are less optimistic about doing SEO in light of Google’s heavy algorithm updates in recent times.

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9 Responses to For 2015, what areas of Internet Marketing will your focus on? January 2015 Poll Results

  1. Laura Arango says:

    Interesting poll. I didn’t know that email marketing was so used today, I go mostly with banner advertising.

    • Steve Baik says:

      Hi Laura,

      Email is getting more popular among advertisers and online stores these days. If you have an engaged audience, your open rates are going to be sky high as well as your conversion rates.

      It’s all about doing email marketing right.

      Unfortunately, banner advertising is probably near the bottom of the list when it comes to conversion rates.

  2. In my opinion, PPC advertising is dead. It doesn’t take as long as organic SEO, but it costs more with less results. If you have the time, I suggest just going completely organic

    • Steve Baik says:

      Hi Steven,

      Why do you think PPC is dead? The PPC market has been growing and continues to. From personal experience, I can tell you that PPC is quite effective, depending on which service you use.

      Note: PPC can include SEM as well as PPC networks.

  3. Phil says:

    Email seems too old school for a lot people who don’t use it. Anybody who uses it knows that it gets results like nothing else. The campaigns I have run with MailChimp and FreshMail get covnersions better than anything I got from the other options listed in the survey.

  4. Sharron says:

    PPC is not dead but can be costly! Obviously organic is the best, if you can get to the top of google – Google list a lot of information sites in the top results. Also email marketing must work – this is how Groupon etc get their customers!

  5. PPC advertising will take the market next year.

  6. Afreen says:

    I hope ppc will be dominating in feature, google is occupying the all instant results , when we search for football matches it is showing the results without going down , if we search in mobile it will occupying the full screen width. Finally seo will be useful for not all websites.

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