What is the Toughest Part about Running Your Own Website? June Poll Results

Thanks to over 1,000 people who voted in our June poll.

The question was: What is the toughest part about running your own website?

Here are the results:

  • Updating and adding new content. 423/1006 (42%)
  • No budget to improve it. 193/1006 (19%)
  • Online advertising. 119/1006 (12%)
  • Doing SEO. 104/1006 (10%)
  • Making design changes. 84/1006 (8%)
  • No time to manage it. 83/1006 (8%)

An overwhelming majority of people (42%) said they struggled with “updating and adding new content” to their site. In last place was “no time to manage it” which tells me people have time, but may lack the skills or experience to get the job done.

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7 Responses to What is the Toughest Part about Running Your Own Website? June Poll Results

  1. Sharron says:

    You are exactly right, it is very frustrating if you do not have the right skills and expertise as everything you need to do will take you three times as long.

  2. I think updating (adding content) only because of the time spent on clients websites. SE Ranking drops get my attention quick, but I start the cycle of neglect again.

  3. hello,

    i am doing many activity but not improve my website rank so what i am doing this time …pls help me


  4. It takes time that we don’t have to maintain our website. We are an internet marketing company and focus our attention on our clients website. So we get paid to maintain and optimize websites for search results for our clients. Our website gets put on the back burner. Strange…

  5. ywdiet says:

    I agree that adding unique content is the hardest part but now i rewriting PLR article with help of my nephew. Still need time to do it but its good for my website.

  6. I have found the hardest part is building a reader base. I can get readers, but retaining them is fairly difficult for me.

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