Which Search Engine Do You Use? May Poll Results

Thanks to 871 people who took our May poll.

The question was: Which search engine do you use?

Here are the results:

  • Google 581/871 (67%)
  • Other 181/871 (21%)
  • Yahoo 58/871 (7%)
  • Bing 39/871 (4%)
  • AOL 12/871 (1%)

Please note that this poll was open to an international audience. According to our poll, Google has a 67% market share. This is the same number reported by Keyword Discovery and comScore’s search engine market share report.


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One Response to Which Search Engine Do You Use? May Poll Results

  1. AOL – You Got Mail! Boy, did not realize people use it after all these years. Yahoo and Bing for some reason distract me when utilize the sites.

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