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Google Domains

What have you’ve been doing to build up a business presence online? If you said that you haven’t even thought about taking your business online, you are not alone. Over 55% of small business owners haven’t made the leap into e-commerce. Yet more people are searching for information about businesses online due to its convenience. So as a business owner, you want to set the right impression from the start for these potential customers by getting yourself on the Web.

Google wants to help your business have an online presence and become a success. On June 23, 2014, beta testing began for the new Google Domains. Instead of just punching in domain names hoping you get lucky and find the one that is available, Google wants to ease the process by letting you pick out a domain name that fully captures the essence of your business as you’ll have a better chance of capturing web traffic interested in your products.

How Does Google Domains Work?

Google Domains is a simplified domain registration service. You type in the domain name you would like for your business as Google searches to see if it is available. With the number of new domains coming out on the Web, you can try to get pretty specific with your business domain name to set yourself apart from your competitors. So photographers may want to use their business name with .photography on it to get people to notice their portfolios more.

Once you have searched and found a name, you can purchase and transfer the name over to your business website. Google also offers domain name management tools and customer service so the transition to the Web is as painless as possible. You can take advantage of a branded email and forwarding as you can then sell products and talk with customers as soon as possible. In addition, Google has other services you can take advantage of, such as website creation and hosting that is part of the Google My Business tools, being offered in addition to the domain name registration service.

Getting Started With Google Domains

If you are now all excited about trying out Google Domains, you will have to wait a bit longer. It is still in the beta mode as only a few businesses have been invited to try it out and offer feedback. If you do happen to get an invitation code, jump on the opportunity to see what Google is offering in domain registration and pricing.

Based on the number of people liking and posting positive comments on Google’s My Business Google+ page, people have been waiting for a bit more competition when it comes to domain registration services. With Google becoming a household name everywhere that people can trust, it isn’t any surprise the company is now jumping into this market. Google wants to be a business owner’s one-stop full service shop when it comes to creating and marketing a website.

Google currently charges $12 per domain registration. offers a more affordable solution which includes free lifetime whois privacy.

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