Top Sites for Outsourcing SEO Tasks

As a small business owner, sometimes it is very easy to become tied up with micro tasks which could be outsourced. Establishing your needs and choosing the best platform to fulfil them can be a very effective way of obtaining specialist skills at a low price, allowing small businesses to save money and time. Here are a selection of the top outsourcing sites to help you make an informed decision. has a broad range of services available, from site auditing, directory submission, link building and much more, all available for $5. Although there are some workers with excellent reviews the quality control seems lacking. Virtually anyone is able to sign up and the array of talent on offer is almost desperate. Although you can pay for extras, it is important to ask if you are really paying for quality, and if you are really getting value for money. With over 20,000,000 services available it would be easy to assume that your needs as a SME would be covered from all angles, however when looking at the services on offer you may wonder if the site is creative, innovative, out of the box and forward thinking or just a little bit spammy. is a great platform for sourcing freelancers to fulfil tasks such as link building and content writing. This site allows freelancers to bid for the job you have on offer, allowing you to choose from the list of bidders. Freelancer also enables you to run a competition, allowing freelancers to submit an entry to your brief. This is great for quality control allowing the employer more freedom of choice. The website is very simple allowing the employer to submit their brief in a simple format.


Copify is a UK based firm with operations in Australia and the US. The site has a similar feel to Fiverr only with a better sense of organisation, and a service which is geared more towards the business sector. The site isn’t bid orientated, meaning that you can save time by placing an order and letting someone else worry about who takes care of it. Copify seems quite approachable compared to other crowd sourcing firms in the sense that it has a customer service department, meaning that if a dispute between a freelancer and an employer occurs there is an element of reassurance in the fact that there is a form of effective moderation available.


Elance is one of the oldest crowd sourcing platforms, having formed in 1999. Elance provides a resource for copywriting, keyword management and SEO based coding. As well as being easy to use, inexpensive and feedback based it is also well established. Employers are able to post a job, they then receive recommendations based on their requirements and are able to choose the most suitable freelancer for the post. Communication is one of the firms strengths as they have introduced a video chat function, encouraging more interaction between employers and freelancers, encouraging long term professional relationships and the ability to organise more complex projects.


Odesk provides freelancers with skills in content writing, link building, coding and multi lingual SEO services. The site is very transparent and user friendly. Odesk has made an attempt to address issues of quality control by introducing a voluntary skills test, which is a step in the right direction when it comes to vetting freelancers who use platforms such as this. Odesk is inexpensive and allows employers to leave feedback, giving some incentive to the freelancer to produce a quality product. The inexpensive nature of odesk may attract freelancers with less experience or those with a lower skill set. The employer is able to select a worker and as with many of these platforms offering the right price can lead to a better quality result.

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13 Responses to Top Sites for Outsourcing SEO Tasks

  1. SEOneverdie says:

    Thanks for the list. Didn’t know about Copify it looks great.
    I will be more careful with Fiverr especially if you don’t know SEO very well, you might ends up with spammy content and links all over, and get blacklisted.
    Also you should check, it’s actually full SEO campaign outsourcing, and a pretty on performance model too.

  2. Thanks for your information. I am also planning to launch my site. Your information really helped me.

  3. Josh says:

    I have had experience with Fiverr, Odesk and Elancer, the other I can not comment on. Most of the services I have used I would not feel happy passing onto a client. However every now and again you do find a diamond that can save you some time.

  4. Wow. Very cool. I use fiverr for some things, but haven’t heard of the others. Thanks for sharing.

  5. The list looks perfect, unless it’s not in chronological order of popularity. Is it? I believe Elance is the best.

  6. IE Design says:

    I don’t mind outsource information gathering but I would be very careful about outsourcing you SEO to say fiverr. Its a quick way to destroy a lot of hard work

  7. I use Fiverr for Graphics, and some programming/script issues. Some folks SEO efforts are waste of time. Its amazing how many people its so easy to get results.

  8. I have used Fiver and Elance, have found the SEO from them to be okay at best. Good for graphics and article writing, which is what I have used them mostly for.

  9. Clickonyou says:

    It’s very difficult to assess whether or not what people say they can do is the truth. I’ve found that I need to try about 10 to find 1 good one on Odesk. Never heard of Copify – thanks for that one

  10. You have to be careful with these types of sites though. They are great for padding, but I got a few links on my last order from Fiverr that I had to disavow because they were badly hurting my SERP Rankings

  11. Steve Ceaton says:

    You missed out I agree you need to be vigilant with these type of services because the quality can be extremely low.

  12. Seth Hughes says:

    I don’t outsource really any of my SEO, unless it is to people I trust completely. Sure, these sites can help you save some money here and there, but is it worth it when you get hit with a penalty? Just food for thought

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