Tips to Increase Sales around Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day GiftValentine’s Day is here! Unfortunately, it can get tough to get people to notice your products unless you are selling cards, flowers, candies, lingerie or jewelry. Yet there are ways to get people to pay attention to your products even during Valentine’s Day as you can try to double your sales profits. Use the following 9 tips to boost sales during this day of love.

1: Cross-Promote

You may run a business that is not seen as romantic in any way, such as a hardware or plumbing parts store. In this situation, you may want to consider cross-promoting with a business that does really well on Valentine’s Day. You can offer special discount vouchers or coupons to a participating florist, bakery or gift shop if people buy a certain amount of products in your store.

2: Target a Particular Niche

If you sell perfume, you don’t want to target women on Valentine’s Day. You want to appeal to men who will buy the items as gifts to their loved ones. Change your marketing strategy and show why men should buy your products for the women that they love.

3: Hold Valentine’s Day Sales

It is easier to get people through the door when they know that they can get their items on sale, even of the products aren’t relatable to Valentine’s Day. Hang Valentine decorations in your store and use lots of red and pink colors on your website to draw people to your products. This tactic will also draw people who aren’t interested in Valentine’s Day but still want to get a great deal.

4: Offer a Free Valentine Gift with Every Purchase

When a person knows that they will get something free when they make a certain amount of purchases, they will often spend a little more just to qualify for that gift. Offer mugs, stuffed bears and other items that are inexpensive yet will still appeal to people looking for those last-minute gift ideas.

5: Hold a Contest

There are plenty of contests that you can hold on Valentine’s Day. Have a “most romantic couple” picture contest or “tell us why your love story is the best” contest. You can hold these contests on social media sites as people need to register to your website to enter and vote on the entry that they like. Once people register, you can email them special Valentine’s Day deals.

6: Offer Free Shipping or Free Gift Wrap

These little extra incentives can entice people to spend more money on Valentine’s Day when they don’t have to worry about shipping prices or buying gift wrap. Just make sure that you specify which items are available for free shipping so there is no confusion.

7: Promote Gift Ideas through Blog Posts

Some couples are bored with the regular Valentine’s Day gifts promoted on television. If you have several products that would make great Valentine’s gifts, promote them through creative blog posts for people surfing the Internet looking for ideas. Tell the reasons why this would make a great gift or give instructions on how to surprise people with the gift to make a lasting memory.

8: Expand Valentine’s Day to Include Everyone

It’s true that Valentine’s Day is marketed toward couples. Yet you can sell more products if you include those other individuals that may be in a person’s life. Market gifts for children, grandparents, and even pets so nobody is left out on this special day.

9: Make Couples Feel Special

When a couple feels as if you have gone out of your way to make them feel special on Valentine’s Day or will help them find the perfect gift, they are more inclined to spend more money on your products to show their gratitude. While your store may be hectic right now as people are getting last-minute gifts, treat every customer with respect as you offer superior service. It will pay off at the end of the sale’s day.

While Valentine’s Day isn’t the biggest sales day for you like the Christmas season, you can sell more of your products by trying a combination of the above tips. In addition to selling more products, you can also increase your customer list. So even if they don’t buy anything more on Valentine’s Day, you can continue to sell products to them as they become loyal, lifetime customers.

What about you… are there any techniques that work for you around Valentine’s Day?

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