10 Characteristics of a Successful Website

According to NetCraft, an Internet research company, there are over half a billion websites online today. A small fraction of them become successful, but most never make it and become obsolete. But one thing is clear, there are certain characteristics of websites that make them more successful than others. We’ll discuss these characteristics in this article.

Successful Website

10 Characteristics of a Successful Website

There are many elements to feature in your business website that help lead you to success and rewarding results. The following are 10 of the most important:

1. Design

Design of your website will allow the first instant impression you make on any visitors to your website; design is highly important to your overall website success. A messy, visually disturbing landing page is an instant turnoff to viewers and it also says nothing good about the company that sponsors that website. You can create your own layout using host company templates or have a professional graphic designer create one. An attractive design will help keep viewers interested in seeing more of what you have on all website pages.

2. Structure

The structure of your website includes the page layouts, URL formatting, links and navigation. It is good to include active elements such as videos, charts, graphs, interactive boxes or screens, two-way chat and other features that get the viewer to participate.

3. Navigation

Your visitor needs to be able to move around the website to view different pages and information they need. If you have broken links or loading of pages takes too long, visitors will bounce away and maybe never return. Navigation should be as simple as possible while still leading visitors in the directions you want them to go that ultimately lead to conversion from visitor to customer.

4. On-site SEO

An understanding of search engine optimization (SEO) and how it functions in the quest to draw visitors is a must. SEO needs to be used in website elements of copywriting, meta information, linking and graphic images. A professional writer who understands SEO writing makes an important contribution to website success. SEO uses high ranking keywords that bring in traffic from browser searches. Include these words and phrases in the website content because that is what visitors expect to find.

5. Engaging Contact – visible keyword use

Website content must be designed and written to draw and keep the interest of visitors. You want to tantalize them and make they want to continue to discover more about your company, your products and services. The same keywords that they used to search and that brought your website to their attention must also be used liberally throughout the website. This lets them know they came to the right place for answers. Highlight keywords in headers or sub-titles, graphics descriptions and in tabs and directories.

6. Contact Info

Finding how to contact your company for more information, to ask questions or to place an order is extremely important. You do not want to lose any potential customer because they cannot figure out how to make an easy inquiry. Put this in a prominent place on the landing page.

7. Interactive chat

Many websites today feature a live chat/contact capability as part of their contact information that allows visitors to ask questions or speak directly to a company representative. This is another low cost interactive sales tool that can bring in new customers and increased orders.

8. Regular updating and maintenance

This keeps regular viewers returning and lets search engines know your website is active, so you get higher ranking.

9. Display your social media channels

Encourage interaction, sharing of your information and feedback via your social media channels. Include widgets prominently placed on the website.

10. Be mobile friendly – get responsive

The wave of the future is already here. The usage of smart phones and mobile devices are growing faster than ever. More and more people are going mobile, so your website needs to also look great to them. Check it out for yourself!

Do all these things and your website results will benefit. Be sure to do some measuring of results by using Google Analytics or other programs that help you track results. Hiring professional website design assistance can be very cost-effective in the long run when you gain website success!

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