Lights, Camera, Action: Success Secrets of Viral Videos

Video MarketingVideos are now a popular and effective marketing technique for businesses. However, if you create a video to market your business and no one sees it, you could end up spending a lot of time and effort for very little gain. Those fortunate enough to have a viral hit know that videos can be incredibly powerful. But how can you make a video that goes viral? No one knows exactly why some videos go viral, but there are certainly things that you can do to improve the odds for your own videos.

Make it Short and Simple

People will be far more likely to watch and share your video if it is short and easy to watch. People simply do not have the patience for longer videos. They want a short, quick and simple video that makes an immediate impact, the sort of thing they can watch during a five-minute coffee break. You want to aim your video at people with short attention spans, which could mean keeping it at anything from 30 seconds to a few minutes.

In addition, a short video could make it easier to download using a service like YTD, and this may help to boost the momentum of your video even further.

What’s the Hook?

Every great viral video has a hook, and usually these hooks play to the emotions. The best viral videos are the ones that can be described in one word, such as funny, crazy, scary, cute or moving. It is no surprise that cute cat videos and videos of people doing stupid things are so popular. Humor is particularly effective because people love to make their friends laugh. So make sure there is a clear hook for the viewer and they will be more likely to watch your video and share it.

Play Off the Success of Other Videos

One simple trick to get more attention for your video is to play off the success of another popular video. If a video is doing the rounds and has built up a few million views, consider creating a parody or remix of it. By referencing the joke, you may be more likely to capture the attention of people who enjoyed the original. However, with this technique you have to be quick before the appeal of the original video wears off.

Play Off a Big Event

Another way to get your video more attention is to play off a large event, like the World Cup or a new television series that is coming out shortly. You will have to make sure the event is popular with your target audience, but if you get it right, you could find that your video generates more attention.

Be Original

No matter what you are doing, it has to be original – unless you are deliberately jumping on the bandwagon of a popular video. Your video simply has to stand out as something different, so avoid just doing what all the other companies are doing, and especially your competition.

Make It Look Professional

This really depends upon the type of video that you are making. After all, some of the most successful viral videos of all time involve amateur footage. But unless you are deliberately going for the amateur look, make it into a professional production. Use a good camera, as well as professional lighting and sound, and then edit your video to make it easier and more enjoyable to watch. If it looks amateur unintentionally, you may find that it has the opposite effect and simply makes your business look unprofessional.

Start Promoting Your New Video

Once your video is all ready, you need to begin promoting it. You are hoping that it will go viral at some stage, but first you will have to get it out there. This means sharing it on your social networks, posting it to your blog, referencing it on Twitter, linking to it in your marketing emails, and doing anything else you can to get it out there.

If you have done it right and people like what they see, they will start to share the video and you could soon have a viral hit on your hands.

Remember to respect IP when using downloaded content.

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