Five Tips on How to Boost Video SEO Efficacy

Online videos are among the most effective ways to build brand awareness and promote overall visibility.  Videos are typically more interactive than standalone text, and audience members are more likely to respond to the right video marketing campaign.  In addition, online video clips are highly sharable and complement social media marketing strategies.  However, online video marketing strategies have a pervasive challenge: it is important that the right audience members find and watch the right video.

Video SEO

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Uploading YouTube videos alone might not be enough.  It was reported that only half on YouTube videos have received over 100 views.  It is important to gain necessary visibility on YouTube by using standard best practices in SEO where possible.

Video Content is King

Using video as a medium does not provide an exemption for creating compelling and engaging content.  Quality content needs to be the core of almost any successful video marketing campaign.  Customize content to target audience members, and create content that will resonate with that audience.  A few popular types of content include “how to” videos, interviews, industry news, or short videos that offer tips and advice.  According to online video platform KZO Innovations, the best videos sound natural rather than highly scripted and are approachable, casual, and engaging.

Keep Videos Between One and Three Minutes in Length

It is important to keep YouTube videos short for a number of reasons.  First, viewers typically respond better to shorter video clips on YouTube.  Stay short, sweet, and to the point.  Leave the viewer wanting more.  It is also important to remember that viewers have almost every reason to click on a comparable video.
Build a loyal viewer base.

Use Highly Relevant Keywords Everywhere Possible

Search engine spiders cannot read video content.  However, titles, descriptions, etc. can all contain keywords.  Conduct necessary keyword research, and use a list of keywords that are relevant to video content – see more at

Share, Share, and Share Some More

Posting videos on YouTube is a great start.  Post the videos or links to the videos on other platforms to increase visibility.  Share videos via email, Facebook, blogs, Vimeo, BuzzNet, Twitter, and anywhere else social.  Spread the message by using an omnichannel approach for video marketing.

Track, Analyze, and Adjust

Tracking and data analytics are crucial.  It is important to identify continual areas of improvement for future videos.  Optimize video performance by analyzing variables such as drop-off rates and viewing time.  Examine viewer demographic data (e.g. location or self-report demographic data found on social media profiles) in order to create better content in the future.  Many major video hosting sites have basic analytic tools readily available.  Continually revaluate, reexamine, and improve.

The SEO Process for Video Marketing

In many ways, the best approach to SEO for video marketing can be seen as a full circle.  Content creation that utilizes market research data is the base for effective audience engagement; keywords are derived from market research data; videos are viewed; and the performance of the videos is finally analyzed in order to create superior video content for the target audience in the future.

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