Link Building in the Content Marketing Era – Infographic

Whenever Google makes a change to their search algorithm, the entire SEO industry listens and adapts. Link building, which is a big part of SEO, have evolved as a result.This infographic offers a visual comparison between the link building strategies of old vs new.

Link Building in the Content Marketing Era

Thanks to Media Whiz for this awesome infographic!

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7 Responses to Link Building in the Content Marketing Era – Infographic

  1. Sharron says:

    Content marketing is now crucial and i think it’s a more professional way to run your online business.

  2. shelia says:

    Thank you, as a new Marketing Rep I’m always trying to stay ahead of the game & this information is fantastic!

  3. Weng Jauod says:

    Thanks for sharing this very insightful infographic Steve. I believe that working on great articles on your blog is one way to gain natural links from diversified sources. Reaching out to others is also one way to do that.

  4. Amna says:

    Link Building in the Content Marketing Era is Over

  5. Amna Sheikh says:

    Surprise people are still talking about content marketing for SEO growth.

  6. Vinson says:

    Just found this article upon search for infographics for content marketing, but it seems that the original infographics uploaded to this blog post were deleted or removed?

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