Direct Navigation Traffic vs PPC

What is direct navigation traffic?

Direct navigation, also called domain redirect traffic, is when a visitor is redirected from one domain to another.

There are various uses for domain redirection, but for the purpose of this article, we will discuss direct navigation as a means to drive traffic to a website. While direct navigation has been around for years, its advertising potential has taken a backseat to many other forms of online advertising. To this day, direct navigation has still not hit the mainstream due to the lack of publicity as well as being a close kept secret for many online marketing veterans.

About 8-14% of all Internet traffic is a result of type-in traffic. Most type-in traffic goes to the intended site, however, when a domain is not in use, the owner sometimes tries to monetize the traffic through a direct navigation traffic service, or even a domain parking company.

Direct navigation traffic has often been compared to Pay Per Click traffic, despite the fact that they have very little in common, other than pricing model.

Let’s compare them:

Direct Navigation PPC
Pricing Model PPV (pay per visit or view) Pay per click
Cost Up to 70% less expensive Expensive
Delivery Zero click (no ads) Click on ad
Source Browser type-in Search engine or content ad
Targeting Yes Yes
Verticals Most covered Most covered
Fraud Protection Depends on platform Depends on platform

If you own an online business or do marketing for a website, it might make sense to supplement your online marketing campaign with some direct navigation traffic. It’s always a good idea to diversify your traffic sources and not put all your eggs in one basket.

Based on a study conducted by Web Side Story, on average conversion rates were higher for direct navigation traffic compared to PPC (4.23% to 2.3%). As with any online marketing campaign, it all comes down to the quality and targeting.

Where can you get direct navigation traffic?

Well, you can always buy your own domain names with traffic and redirect the traffic to your “money” site. Or, if you don’t have the budget to buy a bunch of premium domain names, you can buy the traffic from a 3rd party traffic provider. There are several companies that specialize in direct navigation traffic.

This article was written by Trellian DSN, a leading provider of direct navigation traffic.

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