SEO Shortcuts Will Put You Behind

Business owners know that marketing is necessary in order to get the word out about the business and to help generate sales, but it’s often a frustration point for the CFOs or those that are responsible for managing the money. Marketing requires an investment and sometimes the ROI doesn’t come as quickly as hoped. This is often why when money gets tight, the marketing budget is the first one to get slashed. Many business minded folks still don’t understand that marketing is usually a long term investment as opposed to a quick fix, and SEO is a prime example of this.

SEO is a slow moving process, so slow, that many website owners get irritated and start looking for shortcuts that can get them SEO gains more quickly. The thing about “SEO shortcuts” is that they don’t exist as long as you want to keep your SEO campaign white hat, which means that you follow the Webmaster Guidelines that the search engines have set forth. Anything that could be considered an SEO shortcut still takes time, and essentially it is time that will be wasted. Think about how long it could take to scheme and plot in order to try and manipulate the search engine results. Not to mention that playing these types of games means that you always will be just a tad bit paranoid that the search engines are going to catch on to your black hat tactics and it could come back to haunt you. It’s just not worth the effort. Time is much better spent by working on something that will actually be beneficial to website marketing efforts for the long term.

The SEO process is ongoing, there is no hard start or end date to an SEO campaign. An SEO campaign also needs to continually change and adapt due to ongoing search engine algorithm updates. To ensure that your site won’t get penalized or lose search ranking after an algorithm change, it’s necessary to put ongoing efforts into a white hat SEO strategy. Instead of spending time looking for shortcuts or ways to game the system, spend all of your dedicated SEO time to ongoing research of your industry and niche online and pay careful attention to target audience behavior and the strategies of the competition. Continually research potential new keywords to target within SEO content such as blog posts and press releases and find creative ways to share and promote this content, including via all social media channels.

SEO shortcuts may work in the short term, and give the higher ups that quick ROI that they so crave. But that uptick in traffic, conversions, and sales isn’t going to be the reality for the long term. Shortcuts always catch up with you and it will only be a matter of time until the search engines catch on, rankings dip, and conversions and sales disappear along with it. To do things the correct way, don’t rely on shortcuts. You will spend much more time and effort trying to right this wrong and it’s just not worth it.

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  1. Very good article. Taking shortcuts with SEO will certain results in poor results.

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