Don’t Send the Wrong Message with Your Blog

In order to improve online marketing efforts, a business needs to participate in content marketing. Content is what gets found by the search engine spiders and generates links from an SEO perspective. Each new blog post is an additional page on the business website that is an opportunity to target relevant keywords and keyword phrases. Over time, these posts will get crawled and indexed by the search spiders and can appear for related searches. They also help to keep the website content “fresh”, telling the search spiders that you want to provide a good user experience. Blog posts also help fuel a social media strategy. A business social profile is only beneficial if it is active and blog posts provide a constant supply of content to share.

Unfortunately not all businesses truly understand the power of a business blog. They might set one up with good intentions but soon enough the blog takes a turn for the worse.

Here are 3 business blogging mistakes that convey the wrong message to customers and prospects:

The blog goes inactive
Maintaining an active business blog is hard work, which is why there are so many outdated business blogs out there. Business/website owners need to understand how unprofessional that looks. Even if the blog is no longer actively promoted, it’s likely that it’s still a prominent part of the navigation/linking structure of the site. Visitors to the site are going to click on it to learn more about what you have to say and what your business is all about. If the last post that they see is from four months ago, it gives the appearance of laziness. This is especially true in an industry in which there is always new information, such as technology. What you wrote four months ago probably no longer applies. A business blog should ideally be updated at least once a week to be effective.

The blog includes too many guest posts

Customers and prospects want to read your blog to learn more about what you have to say and what you offer. They don’t care so much about what others are saying. Allowing guest posts on your blog isn’t a bad thing, but it’s important to keep a proper ratio of posts written by your company to posts written by others. Allowing too many guest posts can diminish the brand messaging of your blog and just leave visitors more confused about who you are than when they first landed on the blog. If the majority of posts are written by other people or are simply “best of” posts it doesn’t tell visitors who you are. It may help to keep the blog active, but it’s not the right kind of content.

Incorporating ads
To some, the purpose of their blog is to generate direct revenue which is why they monetize it by including ads. For a business blog, it should be a more indirect way to generate revenue. The purpose should be to establish your business as a thought leader and encourage visitors to convert in some way. If the blog is littered with ads it can be a distraction to the visitor. It could also mean that a visitor would click on an ad and then never return. What’s more important, a small amount of money from an ad or actually generating a sale, lead, etc. for your business?

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5 Responses to Don’t Send the Wrong Message with Your Blog

  1. craig wright says:

    Excellent tips. I’m just about to start a blog and had made the no-advertising decision already, precisely because of the ‘click elsewhere’ factor. It’s good to know that’s what you are preaching too. Makes me feel like i know what I’m doing! 🙂

    With guest blogs, I feel that you should only get people to blog on areas that you don’t know about / wouldn’t be expected to know about. For example, i’m going to be setting up a tech writing site soon and the only guest blogs I will go after are people in related fields, such as technical photographers and illustrators, and tech writers with different areas of expertise to me. My thinking behind this is that it gives extra value to the readers by providing them with a wider view of things and helps fellow pros who might need to access related services (like i have to).

  2. I agree with the first comments, it is difficult to keep up to date with a blog, especially if this not your main job and I guess that guest bloggers to some extent help that out, but as you commented, as long as they don’t take over!

  3. I’m not good at keeping up on my blog. Am going to do one every week at least from now on.

  4. Peter says:

    I like your mindset. Leaving a blog inactive is similar to not having one. And allowing to many guest posts does not add flavor to your business blog becuase it seems you do not have ideas

  5. Long and informative post. Learn many things from the post.Thanks for the awesome share.

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