Promoting Your Company with Rich Media Content Marketing

rich media playerRich media content can take many forms. From streaming videos to downloadable apps, rich media can refer to any type of digital content with an interactive component. Because of its vast popularity with internet users, rich media content is now being incorporated – to good effect – in many marketing campaigns worldwide. But how can rich media content benefit your company?

The Benefits of Rich Media

First and foremost, rich media benefits web users by enhancing their overall web experience. Primarily a visual medium, rich media is capable of integrating both audio and visual components into a powerful creative message, which is capable of delivering information in a highly effective way.

Rich media also delivers when it comes to being able to comprehensibly measure the impact and success – or not – of your marketing campaign, and its numerous benefits include:

  • Being highly interactive (views, clicks etc.)
  • Easily measurable and qualitative.
  • Extremely high performance in terms of views, clicks and conversion. Consumers click three times as more on media rich ads than they do on banner ads.
  • Able to improve your brand’s reputation and reach, increasing awareness of your brand across the board.
  • Incentivises interaction and responses in similar media forms, from both consumers and other brands.
  • Doesn’t interrupt the user’s browsing experience.

In addition, rich media content will also help your brand stand out online in one very important way. Over the years, text based content has become the norm online. And, after Google’s Penguin and Panda updates, the emphasis has been on good quality content from reputable sources. So in order to stand out, brands have once again found themselves needing to do something a little different. Rich media content will set you apart from your competition, and will help you to stand out amongst a sea of text in which quality is becoming the norm.

Integrating Rich Media into Your Marketing Strategy

Just as with any call to action, your rich media content will need to be incorporated into your marketing strategy in such a way that it will be visible to your target audience. This can be achieved in two ways.

  • By including your rich media content in your communications
  • By embedding links to your rich media content into your communications.

For example, if you have a video you may wish to either include your video in your email marketing campaign, mailing it directly to your audience, or you may wish to direct your audience to the location of your video via an embedded link or button.

The most important element to include into your rich media content is a call to action. Just as with text based content, this directive is what will shepherd your audience into interacting, forming an opinion or even making a purchase.

Where to Place Your Rich Media Content

Rich media content can be included across a variety of platforms, including social media, blogs, email marketing and even on your own website. Super versatile and inherently adaptable, rich media content can also be adapted to suit different demographics, thereby playing a vital role in targeted marketing campaigns.

The role of rich media is to deepen your content and improve your users’ experiences of your site. Therefore it should be placed where they can see it, and should be easily accessible (i.e., not hidden at the end of a long blog post or behind several layers of buttons).

The Challenges Posed to Marketers by Rich Media Content

Of course, the first challenge posed by rich media content is its expense. Most rich media content is costly to produce, as well as time consuming. Not all users will appreciate what rich media content has to offer, and there is the possibility that such content will infringe upon a user’s browsing experience. In addition, some rich media content will require users to be in possession of certain technologies or plugins, before they can interact with – or even view – certain types of content. These users will find that their access to such content is restricted, and may develop a negative impression of your brand.

For these reasons it’s important not to rely on rich media content to drive your brand’s advertising, and to incorporate other media solutions – such as blog posts and static images – into your overall marketing strategy.

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  1. This is a very insightful article. Rich Media content is very powerful, indeed, because it really separates your content and website far above all others.

  2. Jessica says:

    this directive is what will shepherd your audience into interacting, forming an opinion or even making a purchase.

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